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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Busy Day, Ancient Trees and Spaghetti

The young men who promised to come and clean in front of woods
arrived this morning at 8:00.  This project is something I did not anticipate
when building by the woods.  Storms and wind over the months leave many branches from the old trees.
They filled a long trailer and pickup truck.   In the past as I walked daily this one would
always have an armful of limbs to add to location where they would be burned when ground was
damp and no wind day.   For a number of months my walking is limited  by the woods and miss it so much but with
uneven ground and an unexpected occasional hole I cannot chance falling

They worked for almost 3 hours and I also pointed out some cutting with their saws.
A project I do yearly as I try to keep it neat about 20 back as you pull in the long gravel drive.

I was outside with them most of morning and soon lunch time and decided to make spaghetti.
This is something I made often when a family at home but had not made in quite some time.
Fresh mushrooms on hand and freezer supplied meat. green and red peppers and topped with
freshly ground Parmesan cheese, was so tasty...

My rural postman delivered mail to me for almost 40 years and recently retired.
New young woman pulled up to cottage with several boxes from Amazon.
A new tea that I ordered,  Black tea, flavored with fruit and a hint of lemon.

Also ordered something that may be better for pain and inflammation then what
I am now using - hope so

My busy day has ended and would love to sit, have a cup of tea and read
Mary Oliver..


thewiildmagnola said...

It has been awhile since I stopped in.
Love the Christmas red of your blog cheers me, as does your spaghetti!

I always love your stories.....glad you are well...and found your way through the golden years!

Sandra Hagan - the wild magnolia

Merry Christmas!

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Sandy, I have wondered about you so many times,
please do not disappear again.

Sandra said...

I nice wholesome and heartwarming meal and it's always fun to get a packet through the post! How wonderful to have an area in which to walk in nature so close to your home!

Rebecca said...

Photos of YOUR day/weather look a bit like ours here. Morning fogs hang on indefinitely and the ground is wet with it all day...

Your spaghetti looks and sounds delicious.
And I SO love the photo in your blog header!
Hope you got to relax with your book & tea last night.

Anvilcloud said...

Sue is a Mary Oliver fan. She also makes good spaghetti.

Wisewebwoman said...

Would love to have a cuppa with you, virtually will have to do. Spaghetti, been a while, granddaughter comes on Friday, time to crack my pasta skills.

I hope the new med works.


PS Would lysine help do you think? I take lysine daily, it's very good for joints. heavy doses though.

Tabor said...

I just got a Mary Oliver book from Amazon. I do so love diving into her words and swimming the beauty. I am glad you are being careful in your walks. I find stuff I can no longer do this year and while they are small things, I am prepared.

Judy said...

I'm sure you always keep your cell phone with you--just in case.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

WWW, many supplements on the table and never heard of lysine :) checking it out.
Tabor, I have most of her books and many words underlined and dated.
Judy, oh yes...