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Friday, December 4, 2015

First Week of December

Cold, rain and now sun shining and a little warmer for a few days.

Car serviced for the first time and over the top treatment.  Raining, but stopped at market and then
across the street at the auto dealer.   Pulled in and told the young woman I had a trunk full of groceries and should I return another time and she replied "your fine will have the service man
put your groceries in his vehicle, take you home, help you unload them and then will bring your car
back to you later this afternoon."    This was great since left home in the pouring rain at 7:00AM
that morning, dental work, was weary and wanted to return home quickly.  So appreciated this special treatment.

Last trip into town I delivered a small gift to this young woman :)  She replied "you did not have to do this"  oh but I wanted too.

I do not like canned soup but keep some on hand for emergencies.   Like my homemade soups
the best and especially through the Winter months.
Noticed this Pea Soup on the shelf
and it was sooo good.   Buying a few more to keep on hand.
is about the same
with this one.

One day is excellent
and seems another day
I crash.

The tooth problem was not pleasant as one being attended to was on one side and one on the other side - so really could not enjoy the Thanksgiving meal I prepared.   Soups, jello, yogurt and even Jr. baby
food kept on hand and it was surprisingly good :)

As the dreaded prednison
becomes less and less in this body
all will become a little more normal for this one.

The mat never leaves my floor
and 3 times a day for at least 15 to 20 minutes
is good for me...


Pienosole said...

I like your new header photo. Sounds like a good week, overall. I send you continued well wishes. :-)

Sallysmom said...

I like the blog header as well. Take care.

lil red hen said...

Beautiful, seasonal photo! Looks like you're getting into the Christmas spirit already.

Judy said...

Lovely photo. I have an orchid plant and wondering when it might do something. How do I get it to bloom again?

Rebecca said...

That WAS "over-the-top" treatment (car). It's consoling to know such thoughtfulness still exists.
The pea soup sounds quite delicious...
I'm inspired by your commitment to the "mat".
Have a peaceful weekend. Don't fret the ups and downs. Take them in stride. (This is what I tell myself!)

Tabor said...

Glad you live in such a supportive community. We do not like to feel that we are only takers and a small gift is just the right touch.

Wisewebwoman said...

Lovely new look to your blog took me by surprise m'dear.

How kind the auto people were!

Nice surprises in your day. Yum that pea soup!


Friko said...

Good that their are nice people around who help us when we need it most.
Sorry about your mental work, hope it’s all settled down now.

I too like my own soups best but keep a few handy for emergencies. Soup is such an excellent winter standby.

I hope your Christmas will be fabulous and that the new year will bring you joy.