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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

By Faith and Lesson Learned

I ordered a new large mailbox from Amazon, it arrived and could not use, too big and would not
fit my post.
Always with orders I could return with free shipping and label sent to me
I did not read the fine print, returns on this third party seller, you pay the return fee and no label was sent.

Rain due tomorrow and appointments, a painful day but decided to take to UPS.  Box was heavy
but was able to put in my car.  Had no idea when I arrived at UPS if I could unload, hold it,
and go to store and open door.  I knew I would need help especially with cane in hand.

I just took off  in my car and when I arrived next to me was a young man loading his vehicle he glanced my way and I asked "could you please
help me get this into the store".  He smiled and said sure.   So very thankful as I thanked him.
I noticed when this item shipped to me it was$ 8,00 and as delivery ticket was made was informed
it would be $15 to return.   So let me think, returning this item with no credit it was a losing deal.

I have learned a valuable lesson, always read the fine print as I did do after all of this happened
and it stated buyer was not responsible for return shipping.

I once again in my lifetime relied on my faith and drove off to town and UPS store not knowing if I could even
enter the shop for the return and might just have to
return home.

Many times in my lifetime  I have done something similar and many would remark to me
that they
would not take the chances that this one does.

But then I know who watches over me and have faith in that one.

So another day ends
and I smile
and very thankful..


Anvilcloud said...

I won't order Crocs online, partly because of their return policy, which is in addition to paying shipping in the first place.

Likely someone will be able to make use of the mailbox.

lil red hen said...

God bless you, Ernestine. xoxo

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

A/C - read the fine print :)
Charlotte, I have known no other way to live except by Faith :)

Pienosole said...

Yes! And I know what you mean about those return details...

Tabor said...

The fine print is more and more important. Congress is submitting bills giving the business greater flexibility and the consumer less protection. For instance, if the appliance which has an Energy Star on it is not energy efficient the manufacturer cannot be sued for this discrepancy. The consumer is stuck with an appliance that is NOT energy efficient! Congress does not seem to be on the consumer's side.

Judy said...

I would have done the same and DO the same. The UPS clerk would have gone to your car and carried it in for you--just ask. When I have to buy the large 35 pound can of cat litter, I look around the aisle and usually see a man that can lift it into my cart. Then at check-out, I ask for a carry out, and the "boy" pushes my cart out and lifts it into my trunk. Then when I get home, I have a couple male neighbors that will come lift it out and carry in my house for me. I have had to give up my "I can do everything myself" attitude. Sigh

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Judy, oh yes it has finally dawned on me that I can no longer do everything :)
Pienosole and Tabor, as always thank you for your comments - I learn from you..