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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Thanks to all of my special friends for commenting and emailing.  You helped me more then you will every know..

Daily the hummingbirds come to the feeder,  difficult to catch them with the camera as they are so fast,  good shot made me smile.
When I returned from the market, on the screen porch a small bag with just the right amount for one.
Yellow squash and tomatoes from a garden.  Placed them on a plate with the 3 green peppers found
growing in the compost :)  A few calls and was able to track down the special person who left them.

At noon vegetable soup simmering from left over roast and vegetables.  With an addition of corn, peas and tomatoes it was so tasty and have lunch for tomorrow and 2 cartons in the freezer for a
day I do not feel like cooking.   A roast that is cooked with vegetables - makes many welcome meals.
Soon replacing my computer, will have a larger screen and seems my problems with service is  caused by living in rural area
and this one uses an air card.   My computer is for pleasure, communication with children and grandchildren,  and a lot ordered
from Amazon so even with problems it is not such a big deal - just frustrating.
As time goes by do not want to be sharing a lot about progressing Rheumatoid Arthritis
and just plain aging.    Even though all my friends are at a different stage of life then this one,
just maybe something shared will help someone as times goes by. 
Weeks of severe pain and not sleeping was very difficult for me.
Especially for one who has always slept and this was a new experience
but now know it was because of the night pain.    Pain pills did not work, made me have awful dreams in the little sleep I experienced.   I have had 4 children but never have experienced ongoing pain like what I was experiencing.     Will never never go on Prednisone again in my lifetime,
it has taken me a year to finally stop taking this medication.
It is a quick, inexpensive miracle drug - but so many side affects.
My RN daughter was so helpful to recommending some things that she was knowledgeable about.
You have to be so careful about inflammatory medications as they can cause severe stomach problems.  Celebrex gave relief, no side affects and have on hand for painful future times.
Fortunate I am as the lowest dose of anything is a help to me.
Enough shared at this time but finally Monday had cortisone shots for shoulders
and neck and relief within a few hours.   Hopefully they last for 3 to 5 months and looks like this is going to be where I get relief and feel like going on with life.....
I was told once again by my kind doctors that this is progressing and is not going away.
Guess it finally has sunk into my brain.  Kept having thoughts with all of my GOOD LIVING that I could conquer this condition.    Continue to be thankful that this is all
that is going on and healthy in every other way.   Also told once again it is because of my lifestyle of many interests staying busy, resting. yoga, diet,  meditation, prayer and weight has helped me,
I listen to the their compliments and medical advice, but still do not like what is going on...
My local pharmacist even brought me my medication as I was not up to driving
and that is not usually done.   So many angels out there :)
Again, thanks for the kind words
and guess I will just keep sharing for a while longer..


Sallysmom said...

Your soup looks just like the way my mom made it. Brings back wonderful memories. I think you must be a good cook like she was. Wonderful to see you back.

Anvilcloud said...

Celebrex is something for which to be thankful.

lejmom said...

glad to see you back! Missed your posts...sorry you were in pain...

Sandra said...

I love that hummingbird shot.I know how quick they are! How wonderful to get them in your garden.

Marcie said...

So glad to read an update, but sorry to read of ongoing pain. Sending love and good energy. Will pop back soon to get a glimpse of your daily life. You always inspire me toward balance and peace.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Ernestine ~ I was glad to see a post from you but sorry to read that you've been in a lot of pain and getting little sleep. I hope the shot gives you relief, and that the other med will help when you need it. You are in my prayers.

That is a wonderful shot of the hummingbird. They are such dear little creatures.

Your soup looks delicious!

Have a nice day ~ Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

Tabor said...

Aging is such a challenge. I am sorry for your pain because that does impact how you think and how much energy you have. I so hope that this progresses much slower than usual. You are a wonderful person for sharing this, because it does help us all who face our individual issues whether they are health or psychological. You are certainly leading a very balanced life and that is a good thing. Hummingbirds stop here so briefly this year, and I have been busy with other things! Glad your little fellows give you such uplift.

Anonymous said...

So glad to see you are back. Love the hummingbird pictures. The soup looks like my Mom's soup. Looks very tasty. So sorry your pain in keeping you up. You are right, prednisone can be a nasty little drug. I am on a small dose. I have Addison's disease and will be on it for the rest of my life. More when I am in crisis. In does not effect me in a bad way, luckily.

Hope you are sleeping better soon. So good to see you posting again. We missed you.

Take Care, Bobbie.

Judy said...

You HAVE to keep posting!!!
We have similar problems with our pain and you always give me good information.
I have wondered about taking Celebrex--I think I will ask my doc for a prescription.
It just might help.

xxx & ooo's

Pienosole said...

Great to see you back! I wish you good sleep, less pain, much peace and joy. Thanks for sharing :-)!

MsGraysea said...

So nice to have you back, and that soup looks so good! With all the fresh veggies around now, I think I will make some, too.

Managing pain seems to be so common for so many of us at this time of life. Night pain is a problem for me, too. It is arthritis, too, and there is little relief that doesn't have some dangerous side effects. I am glad you have some relief right now.

Wishing you continued relief and peace in your beautiful haven.

Wisewebwoman said...

I am so very glad you are posting again my friend. We need to share our stuff, bad, good, indifferent, we help each other and always remember we can't please everyone, right? Someone reminded me of that the other day and called me "needy". Hello? I thought, who's the needy one again? I cherish my independence as you do and write about nearly everything, the challenges the uplifts the ordinary days.

Your soup looks great and I am so glad you had at least two happies in your day, the pharmacist and the delivery of veggies.


lil red hen said...

Even with pain, we just keep pushing forward, don't we.
Thinking of you, dear've been missed.

PatK said...

I am so glad to have you back on line. Keep up with the yoga. my yoga friend suffers as you do and she says that it helps slow the progression and keeps the pain more at bay. You do a great tree pose and my great teacher Howard speaks of its many values in keeping all the small core muscles active and our balance intact.

Beverly said...

Please keep sharing. I think it helps as though you were talking to friends, instead of writing to us. I know it frustrates you when you have done all the things to keep yourself healthy. We just never know what is going on inside and that is frustrating. You are doing what you should be doing to maintain health for your really are. I am proud of you. Missed you....

Sky said...

So sorry to learn you have had a difficult spell with accompanying pain. I understand the stress pain can create and battle it myself, as you know. Wish one of the "newer" drugs they have been using during the past decade worked well for you. I really understand your feelings about the prednisone. One of my friends with RA gradually decreased her prednisone regimen until she was finally off the drug, but it took her close to 2 years to do it. My doc only lets me have a cortisone shot once a year. Occasionally I take a Medrol dosepak but not more than once a year. Stuff is just too dangerous. Hope you get a nice, long break from the health issues you have to battle. Looks like life is moving smoothly along there despite the discomfort. Sending a hug and wishes for easy days ahead.

FYI - prednisone (pill) and cortisone (injection) are chemically the same drug with prednisone being stronger.