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Friday, July 31, 2015

Big City

Left yesterday morning for the big city of Nashville, on the road very early to avoid traffic.
Always travel the country back roads (rarely pass a car)   as I do not like interstate.  Takes 10 minutes longer hitting main road
and a pleasant drive with less traffic
Arriving in Nashville, oh my traffic is horrible, construction and new buildings
in process are everywhere.
Not the quaint city I loved and remember years ago.

My camera was purchased 7 years ago and went to the shop to look.   Now, 6 camera's sitting there,
no selection.   So when time is right will look online.

One more quick stop and headed home.  Sometimes treat myself to lunch, not this time as so hot and way too many people.     Always pack snacks, so on the road an Ensure, Energy bar and 2 small bottles of water.

So good to drive down the long gravel drive, I feel so appreciative and love for this property as times goes by,  always blow the horn and Callie greets me :)  turn the curve in the gravel drive and my home and garden comes in view.   Have the thought may never make this trip to the big city again....

Home and Quinoa Garlic burger taken from freezer, covered with smoked Gouda cheese, tomato,
 tea and my homemade Zucchini bread and nothing could be better..

Most is available locally that I need, wants and needs are rare at this time and can be purchased online - except health :)

All during the drive to the city my mind never stopped going over much in the past years.
My grandmother's never drove a car and in last years never wanted to leave their homes.
They never owned vacums.  fans and small window a/c were used rarely.   Homes shut up tight
and I love my open screen doors as morning arrives in the country....
But then as a child, my parents relocated to  Detroit for about 15 years and we never had air conditioning.   This is another story as I never returned to this city again, not a pleasant time.
Love living in the state where I was born....

Going the back roads
such a change
the farm my maternal grandparents lived on was purchased after grandfather retired from service.
Memories of the barn, animals, flowers and picking blackberries when I was about 10 and waking
up in the night covered with chiggers.     Now this rural property has a large apartment complex
sitting on it.    Down the highway past 2 homes where my mother's sisters lived, those 2 homes still there and next my parents home where they moved after leaving Detroit, Michigan.
Oh my on my parents property
now sits a Buddhist Temple at satellite property from Nashville.   Located there for 5 years and the
thought "why in the world did they locate on this rural highway 30 miles north of Nashville"
the answer - property prices reasonable when it was purchased.    Nothing reasonable anymore
but more so then big city.

Enough rambling....
day begins
and computer connection which is so poor continues :(

Verizon offering a new device that is wireless will arrive when my new big screen computer


Sallysmom said...

Love for you to share your memories. Please continue telling them. I wished I had asked my mother and aunt to tell me more. Now that I am of a certain age, I want to know more but no one to ask. Your grandchildren will want to know some day even if they don't act like it now. Take care.

Judy said...

I sure can relate! I always drive the back roads, if I can. Always when I go back "home" to visit my family. Thank God, son, daughter and sister still live on the original family farms--although that may change in the next year. Worry.

patti said...

You have created such a beautiful home and I love how you respond to life's changes. I grew up north of Nashville and I just moved my father to be near me in Southwest Louisiana. Nashville is so different now and that made it easier for him to start over in our small town. I love to hear his stories about roaming all over Nashville on his bike when he was growing up.

Tabor said...

The longer we live the more memories and big changes and we see how small we are. You are a little overwhelmed it seems. I think we all withdraw as we age. Things move fast too fast for us to absorb. We do not like the change that is so big and permanent. But this is the way the world moves. Are you not glad your farm decision still pleases you?

Barb said...

It's nice to go away on a little jaunt but even nicer to return to a place you love. We have the Verizon box - we only use it when we travel.

Marcie said...

Love the colorful trip down memory lane. Big city sprawl frustrates me too. Seems there should be a more elegant, sustainable way to grow. Over and over in life, we learn the lesson that there really is no place like home.

Anvilcloud said...

I am a backroads kinda guy, and don't want much to do with city traffic these days.

I lived within an hour of Detroit (on the Canadian side) for more than 30 years. Sue had an aunt there for 10 years or so, and we would go back and forth a bit.