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Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Saturday By The Woods

All of plants at Lowe's were 1/2 price, said I would purchase no more but the old truck and I drove to close city, 10 minutes away.  Because of heat a few of my flowers in pots looked really pitiful :)
$16 purchases
Phlox does well here by  the woods, have several pink and lavender and spotted this white one.

I did not plant these potted plants - just placed pot and all in the pots with with other flowers.   Also purchased a white Crepe Myrtle, small and half dead but a challenge to see if this one to can bring it to life.
I smile as the butterfly's were plentiful and took a chance with the camera and pleased.

Early dinner of fresh green beans (added some ham from freezer, diced potatoes) and corn brought to me by a special one - added fresh squash
and sliced tomato - it was so good.   I have memories of my gardens in the past but that has ended.
A wheel barrow full of clippings, clothes on rack on deck need to be brought inside, folded and I am stopping .
It was a full day.
Since cortisone shot  my appetite has been so good, seems everything is so tasty and good
would love a few extra pounds.     Hopefully I sleep well tonight...

Friday evening a scare as a/c unit stopped working, a call and I was given instructions to turn it
off for 3 hours, let fan run and then turn it back on.   So thankful it worked.
This unit put in 5 1/2 years ago has always been a problem and last year had to add free on and want to go as long as I can without buying another unit.

Sunday is here and also heat has returned.


Marcie said...

Your flowers look lovely. Nice to get a fresh infusion of color in mid summer! That is a perfect photo of a butterfly. Wow!

Anvilcloud said...

Phlox are my fave. I have a few dwarf varieties in my little garden.

Tabor said...

I was just thinking I needed to upgrade my pots as I have cut down all the sunflowers and need to now as some color Petunias are so sad looking. Maybe a trip to LOwe's?

Wisewebwoman said...

Lovely photos, what is life without flowers? Glad you are feeling so much better :)

Sallysmom said...

We bought our unit 5 years ago and it has been nothing but trouble. We have had heat indexes of 100+ and had to get a new thermostat on MOnday. I just hate that something you could buy 25 years ago would still be working but not all this newer stuff. Sad, sad.

thewiildmagnola said...

The beauty of life is simple. Simplicity gives us something to hang onto! Foundation! You always give us that in your life. Your garden, your recipes, and lovely meals, show life so favorably! I love your daily offerings!

Linda said...

I often buy flowers near the end of the season, the bargains are too good to pass up. Lovely photos. Too bad about the a/c. We are finally experiencing warm weather here.....low 80's by Lake Michigan.

Barb said...

A yummy meal, fresh container flowers, and feeling well - sounds like a full and wonderful day. Hope that AC keeps running for you.

Sally said...

Your dinner looks so inviting, so glad you enjoyed it.

The flowers are wonderful, and now I'll be making a trip to Lowe's also. So many that I planted didn't make it this season.

Glad that your air came back on; that's scary to say the least.

Judy said...

Nice that you rescued the flowers from the garbage/compost pile.
They will have nice few months to grow and for you to enjoy.
Every annual I have is starting to look a bit ragged.
So hot and humid the last two days and will continue this week.
BLECK!!! I do not do well in this kind of weather and hate being all shut-up with A/C on.
I want to open the windows and door!!!