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Monday, June 29, 2015

The Way It Is

Blueberry Cranberry bread is cooling
in the little pans that are over 50 years old
and look it !   Many have asked me where did I get this size
which I like better then 2 large loaf pans or one large stem pan.
Cannot even remember but they have been well used and so easy
to freeze a couple of loaves and always one to give to someone.
I look at the clock and think where has the morning gone?
Up by 5:00, watered flowers, dead headed lillies, pulled some weeds, fed Callie, fresh water in humming bird feeders, 2 loads of wash,
called school boy help-not available he is going to camp, other help cannot reach
but when he is needy a call will be received,
computer, baking and late breakfast of frozen waffle covered with blueberries, banana,
little maple syrup, 2 cups of green tea, handful of supplements and now I am back on
computer sharing and wondering who in the world wants to read of my life ?

Now off of the dreaded Prednisone which has been a journey of high and low doses for
8 years.  My RN daughter shared about her good luck with Celebrex.   I asked for a prescription
last week to have on hand, the low dose and when pain is difficult I have been taking one after
late lunch and so far works for 6 to 8 hours.

Because of living at the edge of the woods there is mildew covering all most everything.
Sometimes I will use bleach but past that now so put in a call for someone to lightly pressure
wash deck, porches, walks, etc.   Do not want to strip the paint, then I remember it has been
5 years since all of this was new.   Helper said he was busy now and would call soon, told him to come anytime
when he was not busy with his grass cutting.  Also downspouts are now plugged.

There was a time that everything was done on my time table, seemed I was important, not anymore, just so I know
someone will eventually be here is excepted by this one.   This is the crew that came the end of last November.
They were excellent, all the leaves were blown in the woods, vast amount of clean up which was
so reasonable with a crew of 5 men.  Everything looked so nice when they left can remember
crying...   Tight budget also a concern at this time and do all
I can physically  but much I can no longer do.   Gardening, cooking, writing, reading, just home maintenance,  occasional family visits and guess that is what takes up most of my time.   I smile when I remember my youngest granddaughter asking me
"grandma, what do you do for fun"  guess this is it.

This is where I want to live  but when I made this decision 6 years ago never thought about
 extra maintenance of living by the woods.  Really thought it would not matter, wanted a natural look
but it does matter to me even though I am not as fussy as when I lived in neighborhoods
of the past years.

Enough shared as day continues.   Sunny at the moment and rain later today.


Judy said...

Those bread pans are the size grandma used, as did I, back in the day when Wednesday was bread making day. :-)

Anne Brew said...

Your "thinking aloud" blog is the nicest sort of blog. xx

lil red hen said...

I agree with Anne; it's like a morning visit with you.

Mitzi said...

I love to read about your life by your woods. I live vicariously through your days. Don't even think about not writing. Enjoy your day

Rebecca said...

As romantic as the woods sound to me, a small living space with minimal maintenance and energy efficient situated on small lot also with little maintenance required are high on my list of retirement dwelling. Retirement is a month away. Will keep looking until we find the near-to-perfect place.

nancy at good food matters said...

I absolutely love the look of those 50 year old loaf pans. (and I bet that the mixed berry bread inside them is very good.)

Ah, the minutiae of life--it is what fills our days, from the annoying, sometimes oppressive maintenance duties of home repairs to baking, filling hummingbird feeders, tending the garden--all, being in the moment. I, too, agree with Anne.

Anonymous said...

Hi, its me again. Like the others, I love to read what you are up to:) We look forward to it.
You had asked what type of medication I take. I assume for the Sjogren's. Plaquenil and Cevimeline, which is the generic of evoxac for moisture. Your Dr. can give you a mouth rinse for when you get mouth and tongue sores. If you don't want to ask the Dr., there is something called OraSoothe that some Sjogren's people were talking about. I got it on Amazon. It works. It says to swish and then swallow. I don't swallow it. (yuck)
My Dr. is trying all kinds of things for the erosive inflammatory arthritis. I won't bore you with the list, unless you want the list, just tell me. Right now we are trying Arava. My hands still hurt and ache. I see her soon. We shall discuss.

I love those dark cherries that come out this time of year as you do.I could eat the whole bag. I had to quit buying them. So sad. Hurt my Sjogren's mouth too bad.

Now that I have bored you to tears, but you asked ........ I will leave you be.

Have a nice evening.


Tabor said...

Your thoughts about the challenges you face are both interesting and important to me and certainly to many of your readers. You have a strong leadership quality within your life and maybe you think you are no longer important, but you are. It is just sad that we need to demand the time of others when we are willing to pay. I think it has always been this way, but when we could do things ourselves it did not matter.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor, thank you
Bobbie never boring as I am still learning..
Judy, Anne, Rebecca, Charlotte, Nancy, Mitz
Thanks to each of you
for urging me onward...

Sharon Lovejoy said...

I agree. We are not as fussy as in days past. Yes, we need to simplify and not look for perfection.

Ah life. Thank you so much for stopping by.



One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Sharon, your words so true. You are so busy with all you do, writing, traveling, etc
and thanks for dropping in..

Sky said...

availability is usually connected to the schedule of the person(s) doing the chore and is not usually personal. as much as we might think most things are about us, they usually aren't. :) as time passes and we become less and less able to do chores ourselves, paying for this labor can be very costly. you are probably seeing this now. we went through all of these issues with our relatives in their latter years. aging is a very complex challenge that complicates our lives and comfort levels in so many ways. it is surely better than the alternative, though! I am glad you are able to do as much as you continue to do and that you are enjoying your gardening and the independence you still maintain.

Wisewebwoman said...

I do so love your posts as I can relate to all you say. I tend to panic too when small tasks not done. I'm more mindful and respectful of my workers as I need them so much. Even though I pay them. And sometimes (my cleaning lady) they do a terrible job but there is no one else around to do the floors. She is a lovely lady but blind in one eye and has back trouble. I know. Crazy, yeah? I do like her but I have to dust when she leaves she misses everything but the floors look good. LOL.

Love your wee loaf pans. And your life on the edge of the woods, mine is at the edge of the Atlantic.


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

sky, so true, WWW, :)
no cleaning lady as of yet but now outside do need some help..

Beverly said...

I hurt my shoulder and because of blood thinners I cannot take anything but Tylenol. I got special permission from my hematologist to take Celebrex for two weeks. It worked wonders! I wish I could take it more, but, nice to know I was able to for two weeks to decrease inflammation.... Hope you do will off Predisone. I check on you from time to time..... Love you....

Anvilcloud said...

We were up in the woods last night. The mosquitoes were voracious.

Pienosole said...

Hope you're feeling well. Wishing you a pleasant weekend.