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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I Have Been On This Journey For 40 Years

Downscaling it seems forever and still not where I want to be...
Growing weary of dusting and waxing the very big table.
Last move, there was no room for it and for 2 years it was covered and stored in garage.
Moving to my cottage, it was an experiment to see if it would fit.
Builder cut 8 inches off of one end while it sat on the deck and then brought inside by 2 strong
men.   So here it sits, no luck selling as it is very very old, appraisal high, reduced it 1/2, advertised,  children like it but have no room for it.
I may soon
donate it to the local new library and bring my old pub table stored in the storage room downstairs
whether anyone likes it or not....
This was the small table I used in the city house before I built this cottage.
There are some items that girls mention they would like, but not ready to give them as of yet.

Before I sold the city home and this cottage was almost finished the open space was wonderful with the bare and shiny hardwood floors.
Basket full of linens, cleaning supplies, few other necessities,  napkins and I was set for a few days   A few simple things to eat,
meals at a card table and another one for my desk. A plate, bowl, couple of glasses, couple of pans knife, fork and spoon.    Easy chair and lamp, flashlite,   a few books and do not think I even read, appliances and my new mattress sat on a metal frame, nothing at the windows. (several made the comment "nothing at the windows, are you afraid"  oh my was wonderful to see the fireflies outside and watch the sun go down and dawn begin.     I would come here several days a week
and when it was almost complete a little at a time was brought as other home showed better
furnished -----oh this was a wonderful time.   No computer, television - just me and open space.

I might add I sit inside another very hot day after early errands, do not feel like cleaning, doing anything,
do not want to read
and just wanted to sit and not even think.
Almost 100 degrees daily and guess it depletes your energy :)

Left overs so good and was so nice not to prepare anything...

Received early this morning from my son
love this article..


Barb said...

To have only the essentials when we are older seems freeing somehow. My children and grandchildren still stay with me often, so there is a need to accommodate, but I am still in the process of paring. I cannot tolerate extreme heat. Here at high altitude, it is always cool.

Anvilcloud said...

We also downsized when we moved here: not that we had a huge place to begin. The bed couldn't be brought upstairs -- except eventually hoisted through a window. The extra fridge wouldn't fit downstairs. The coffee table in the living room is still too big, but that's life.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

A life of little
and then a lot and big homes
then for years
smaller and smaller and still too big,
I really just wanted a cabin when I returned to the woods 6 years ago.
Children and grandchildren visit
still a place for everyone..