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Sunday, March 2, 2014


Ice and snow due this evening and tomorrow.

Spring, I know I see buds and buttercups emerging,
so what happened?

So nice to have company last night.
My youngest daughter and two youngest granddaughter's
stopped by, spent the night and early morning continued on to Kentucky.
for soccer tournament.
 Looks like one game under the lights

A birthday around the corner for my youngest GD.
An image of her channeling her inner water ballerina (her mother's remark)
Seems like yesterday she was born
and I do not think I have ever seen her without a smile on her face.

Visits during upcoming Spring break and maybe they can help me pick up the
limbs that are everywhere on the path in the woods.

With weather warning
all batteries have been replaced in flash lites,
a good supply of candles and pantry is full.

But for the life of me cannot figure out how to use a heater that was purchased
4 years ago
for emergencies.    Hopefully I do not need it.

Just finished reading "Everything That Remains" a memoir by the minimalists

"Like Henry David Thoreau, but with Hi-Fi" - Boston Globe
"Living a Better Life" - with less stuff - National Post

Found it interesting to read about these 2 young men.

Might add
this one
is still on a "less stuff"  journey...

No more news
at the moment
and just waiting for Spring...


Sharon said...

Those are lovely photos, Ernestine. Sounds like you are ready for the weather headed your way. I hope it moves through quickly so spring can move in soon. I know I won't see spring until weeks after you do ~

thewiildmagnola said...

I remember the competition days for my children. all seems to go by very fast, and then like it was only yesterday.

love this post and pictures....the water ballerina and the soccer girl......

and One Woman.....❤

Wisewebwoman said...

They call March the "Hungry Month" out here on the edge of the Atlantic.

Cupboards would start to go bare, the stocks running low.

Not here.

My freezer is far too full, blessings from fishers and hunters.

Love your pics and your gorgeous grandgirls.


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Sharon, Sandy and WWW, thank you
for visiting. Always a full pantry and freezer but
woke up to a colder home then normal.
Current off for 3 hours but now back on. Very icy roads, even screen porch floor is icy.
Thankful this is suppose to end