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Sunday, March 30, 2014


Oh yes
looking forward to the week that is to be Spring in full force.
Putting these out tomorrow :)
Humming birds, I will be watching for you
with camera
in hand...

Yesterday, I do believe
I heard you deep in the woods
and you returned again today.
Want so
to view you...

Mary Oliver - Now a large shopping center
where once a pond she would visit.....

       Loving the earth, seeing what has been done to it,
I grow sharp,  I grow cold.

Impossible to believe we need so much
as the world wants us to buy.
I have more clothes, lamps, dishes, paper clips
than I could possibly use before I die.

Oh, I would like to live in an empty house,
with vines for walls, and a carpet of grass.
No planks, no plastic, no fiberglass.

And I suppose sometime I will.
Old and cold I will lie apart
from all this buying and selling, with only
the beautiful earth in my heart.

from   "Why I Wake Early"

Her words
continually speak to my heart...


Tabor said...

Yes, we fill our lives with too much stuff that is not sustainable or needed.

lil red hen said...

I really like this ...

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Wow, that was a great piece by Mary Oliver.

Food for thought ~ FlowerLady

Sharon said...

I was going through old magazines tonight and found an interview with Mary Oliver. They featured her poem "The Journey." She is one of a kind.

Judy said...


Wisewebwoman said...

I so love coming here for my Ernestine fix!

Love the poem and your wee one at the aquarium. And the colours, all your colours.

Brighten up my freshly blizzarded world. So white and grey here.


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor, Charlotte, Lorraine, Sharon, Judy
and WWW, thank you...

Hill Top Post said...

Loving your "excited" thoughts this morning! One feeder up here and watching, but no activity yet. Amazing how they know when the time is right.

Nan said...

Excellent poem, and sadly it is truer every day. Now all the news is about how young people are moving to the cities in droves, and I fear that no one will care if the land is developed.

thewiildmagnola said...

splendid spring has sprung

mary oliver....she always knows just what to say.