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Friday, March 14, 2014

Healing Juice

Decided to order from my favorite, quick and time saving source -Amazon,
the most inexpensive and hopefully adequate small juicer I could find.
This juicer has been sitting in my kitchen for over a week and finally early this morning
decided to take it apart, wash and make a healthy juice for inflammation that I had read about.

It was difficult for me to take apart and almost gave up and was going to return - but kept trying
and finally accomplished.  A lot of parts and after washing had difficulty putting back together.
I am not good at this but hopefully next time it will be quickly accomplished.
One carrot, apple and some cabbage was washed and cut into small sections.
It made a good size glass of surprisingly very tasty juice and I am fussy...
Then the clean up began,
taking this juicer apart, washing every piece
was time consuming.  I think when I bake there is a lot of clean up and this compares to it :)

Even though articles suggested doing this 3 times a day
plan on doing this every morning for a while until I become
a bit faster at this process - if it is even possible.

This does not replace a meal, just an addition and I continued on with Kefir, yogurt, banana, flack seeds, blueberries, English muffin with jam :) and green tea.

Callie on the deck
watches my every move.  So aware she wants to come inside - but it is warming and
this one
will soon be joining her in the sunshine and fresh air.


MsGraysea said...

I spent a lot of years using a juicer like yours. I agree it is a lot of work to take apart and re-assemble. I now use a very high-powered blender and it does a great job. I use it everyday and make a smoothie with spinach, kale, 2 fruits, oat bran, yogurt. I love it and feel so much healthier (no comment on the winter I've had!! LOL)
I have found a huge difference in my skin, and also brought BP and blood pressure way down.
It is worth every step.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Marcia, I use the blender also with recipe similar to yours
but thought I would juice and the article I read
recommended the apple, carrot and cabbage - so giving it a try.
At the moment
trying to find ways
to help this severe inflammation
and pain instead of medication :)

Pienosole said...

I bought a Breville juicer a few years ago and used it regularly for only a few weeks because of the time and effort needed for clean up.. However, using a simpler recipe, that is with only 2-3 ingredients, might make at least the first part, making the juice, easier. In any case, I applaud you for exploring ways to reduce inflammation and pain without medication. Wishing you much less of all these (-inflammation, - pain, - medication)!

Pienosole said...
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One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Pienosole, the price on this juicer was so inexpensive and will see how this plays out.
Also will see how long this juicer will last - had good reviews :) thank you always for staying in touch with me - have a wonderful weekend

Judy said...

I do love the look on Callie's face. She is guarding you and watching to make sure you are okay.

Tabor said...

I make fruit smoothies for a meal once in a while in my blender. Don't think I would be willing to clean that juicer, though. The love in that dog's eyes is so heartwarming!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor, it is really good.
Judy and Tabor,
Callie is my special girl :)

Friko said...

I used to make myself both raw vegetable and fruit juices. They were often delicious but in the end I gave up because it was just too much hassle. I eat the vegetable and fruit instead, without juicing.

Wisewebwoman said...

I gave up on juicing for exactly those reasons, the darn parts would not go in the dishwasher and if things can't be dumped in the dwasher I don't bother :(

Also I was concerned, being a foodie, that juicing was a kind of hidden calorie thing for me. I didn't count juice :(

Good luck with those inflammations and great you are taking a natural approach :)


MsGraysea said...

Meant to say in my earlier note that I think the combo of carrot and apple juice is so delicious....glad you tried that!
Do keep us informed of the benefits regarding your inflammation challenges. I do believe it has made a difference for me. I see it fairly clearly now as I am not allowed to take any anti-inflammatory meds.
Wishing you much ease. Dealing with constant pain can really wear down one's spirits. You are so good about being happy you have Callie there with you, too. I keep going back to look at her sweet face at the door.