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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Errands early this morning.
Temperature is rapidly falling
Was out of Strawberries, they have arrived at market
from Florida
and they are unusually good.
Adding to breakfast a dish with sliced strawberries,
1/2 banana and some blueberries.

Returning home and
pulled  up to mailbox and once again the substitute mail carrier
had filled my mailbox with a box that I could not remove.
Third time this has happened and it surely frustrates me. 
Call to post office and soon he returned to take out of box.
When I told him not to put something that could hardly fit in
mailbox in the future, his reply was "you could get a bigger box."
I am pleased I did not say what I wanted to say to this young man.
Did share that in over 30 years of living in this area this was always
the size box that I had and he could bring large items to cottage
like it has been done in past by regular mail carrier.

Not pleased with myself
as happenings like this upset me
but I know they are really not that important.
Seem to be very sensitive lately....
Keep having thoughts
do I purchase a larger mailbox and find someone
to install?

Sun shining yesterday and took up the hoe and removed some winter weeds.
Dill is just beginning to surface among the herbs and buttercups have started to bloom...

Rapidly disappearing  is the Orange Jello salad that was made 2 days ago.
Made many times in past years when the home was filled with family
So easy and tasty.
2 small boxes of orange jello
mixed with 2 1/2 cups boiling water
let partially jell in frig. in medium container
Mix in partially jelled jello
1 small can of drained  mandarin oranges
1 small can of crushed pineapple undrained
and 1 small carton of cool whip
or mix whipping cream - which I did
back in fridg
and in a short time a delicious treat...


Tabor said...

Post office employees are under great strain these days wondering how many extra houses will be added on their route or if they are the one going to be furloughed or even fired. He should understand that your strength is not the same as his...but I also can see his side.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor, I totally agree. This young man and his family cut my grass at a home on this property
10 years ago. Working part time now and yes, so strong as Brian lifts weights :)
Guess since he is the age of my grandchildren I wanted him to say "I am sorry" not I should get a bigger box :)

Judy said...

We are more sensitive as we age--I think, I know I am. I think, in my case, it is because some employees at various places treat me like I am old and not able to understand. That makes me mad!!! Where is the respect that use to be?

Elsa Louise said...

I must say I agree with Tabor about the postal service. Its employees are feeling tremendous pressure now. You mention you know him from an earlier relationship? Could he have been kidding with a you a bit?

I agree with you, though, as well, that you certainly shouldn’t have to buy a bigger box. Sturdy ones are so expensive! Maybe talk with him to get a feel for his route and why should he not be able to drive up to your cottage to drop off larger parcels? Seems reasonable.

Also, I love your Jello recipe and shall make one, too. I did make one using a little mold a few weeks ago, made it in layers with one containing yoghurt, another with fruit (like yours, the mandarin oranges, which I’ll probably use again), and a final layer of simply the flavored gelatin. It was so good! Refreshing and simple and easy to do.

Oh, one last thought. I think we females, particularly as we age, are left feeling vulnerable. Sensitive, too, but for me, it’s that sense of vulnerability that I’ve been noticing lately. Don’t care for it. Not one bit.

Much love to you.

My Cottage Diary said...

Mmmm, that jello salad looks tasty! I haven't had jello in ever so long. I'll have to pick some up. Come to think of it, this post has made me hungry! Your fruit for breakfast sounds delicious as well. Sounds like what you did share with the postman was very appropriate and hopefully it will work out to your satisfaction. God Bless! Bess

the wild magnolia said...

He was upset because he had to come back and fix his thoughtless stuffing of the mail box. You don't need a new mail box. You need a mailman that is smart enough to bring the package to your house.

Lovely jello, yum. My Mom used to prepare jello till about 2/3 set, then add ice cream, stir lightly and put it freezer until serving.

Happy day.

Hill Top Post said...

We bought a larger box which was so nice. Then, one Sat. night vandals beat it down. Now, we are back to a smaller box, one of the heavy steel ones. I told the carrier that I was sorry he had to drive over a half mile just to deliver a book. He told me it was okay because he gets extra pay for the added distance. So...

I am adding jello to my grocery list...sounds delicious!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Elsa Louise, so good to read your comment. I agree with everyone.
to purchase larger box as I am ordering more items from Amazon.
Saves me gas, time and sales tax.
My regular mail carrier is perfect and always brings something that does not fit in box to home. This is the substiture (once a week) a young man. Just do not think he is as considerate and it does not matter any more.
Judy, Mary, Sandy and Cottage Diary
thanks for commenting...

MsGraysea said...

That mailbox incident would bother me, too. Here, if the box is too big, the carrier places it in a strong plastic bag and hangs it on the outside of the mailbox. Sad.
The jello recipe sounds delicious. Haven't had anything like that in many years.

Sky said...

we have issues with our temp mail carrier, too! he used to put packages on top of our mailbox, even those marked fragile. duhhhh. the top of the box is rounded! either they eventually fell off if they were large and bulky or we retrieved them early enough! i went to the postmaster to complain. after that he placed them on a brick ledge around our garage, the width of a single brick, and directly at our front gate - unlocked and easy to push! after hubby complained about this to the postmaster, he put boxes on a fence post a foot away from the brick! we are now filing a formal complaint and hope he is dismissed. the regular mail carrier has no trouble delivering mail correctly. the doorway is about 25-30 steps from the brick and fence post this goofy guy uses. he is reckless and appears to have NO ability to make judicious decisions. i have no patience with this behavior and as far as i am concerned they can give postal jobs to people who are willing to work and who appreciate the employment. there are many folks who would love a part time job and would work hard!

our amazon boxes are uusally delivered to our front door by ups, i think, instead of the usps carrier.