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Friday, November 2, 2012

My World

Up in the middle of the night eating yogurt and doing something I vow not to do.
I turn on computer.....

I checked emails and read something that spoke to me.   My world at this time is a simple world  but busy and I never seem to catch up.    A world brought about by my actions and decisions.  I like my world
but miss more interaction with my children and grandchildren.  A day does not go by that the same thoughts arise of more visits and travel on my part.  A lot of thoughts that  I just do not put it into action.   It may be
a part of growing older, content here by the woods and sometimes a health issue arises - but there are many I know who are always on the go and seem to enjoy this more then being at home.

Contentment is a gift to me at this time of life.  A special gift as contentment was not a part of my life for many years......

Everyone in my family is so busy in their world and  I was once like this.    I like this life by the woods and live with the consequences it has created.

~~~Nothing happens without a cause.   Things are the way they are not because of chance but because people have acted in particular ways and generated particular consequences.
The world we inhabit is the product of our actions, which are the reflections of our minds~~~

In part from - Andrew Olendzki "Medicine For The World"


Sky said...

good for you that you do not expect the other family members to do all the visiting and that you take responsibility for your choices bringing on these consequences. so glad you are happy in your quiet, rural life. i am much more isolated here than i was in GA where i lived a more metropolitan life in atlanta. i, too, am content and enjoy the quiet days that belong strictly to me here. of course, hubby makes an appearance every evening for which i am most grateful and to which i greatly look forward, but the quiet hours in between his departures in the mornings and arrivals in early evening are priceless gifts. hope you have a good weekend.

Balisha said...

We live in a busy, young neighborhood, but I feel like I am isolated for much of the time. Everything around me is buzzing with activity...yet I am content to live this way. I was once a most active person...having a full calendar. I have only recently made myself join activities for people my my book club, and get together with family for special occasions. Other than that, I am perfectly content to live this way. I do have some health issues...a new one is going to be hard to deal with I fear.
My calendar is not so full right now...mostly appointments to keep. So, I understand your feelings.

Sharon said...

Ernestine, your thoughts have helped me put some order to the confusion I've been feeling lately. How did I get here? has been the question on my mind. Actions have consequences. This morning I started a mental list of the things I am grateful for in my life that I wouldn't have if I wasn't where I am today...instead of again lamenting all that seems to be lost. Contentment has been elusive, maybe because I have been unwilling to welcome that particular state of being.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts this day ~

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Sky and Balisha, as always thank you for your visit.
Sharon, you are so young and when I was in my 50's I was pulled in many directions and many I wish now I had not followed. But surely by this time I should have been gifted with some wisdom. I still wonder at times. Thank you for your compliment that I do not take lightly. I have a thought and type away. Trying not to offend anyone in my family :)

Wisewebwoman said...

You have no idea how much this resonated with me today, I was on a bit of downer and felt inspired to put up a post, start a bit of knitting and reflect on gratitude and yes, contentment.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

www. thank you so very much for your kind words - today a good beginning. but soon also became a downer with a number of daughter's it seems sometimes their words or actions cause me to be unsettled. much more is expected of me that at the moment I cannot deliver. my writing is helpful - but may disappear for a while...

the wild magnolia said...

the journey is different for each of us. contentment is great reward. there is a peace about you. i like it.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Sandy, a good evening wished you
and enjoy your travels... I probably am going no where :)