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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Is In The Air

It seems to One Woman that the days were really warm, then weeks of rain and now it is cool enough that I have to have a jacket on early in the morning and always a sweater. Today was a good day and I loved being outdoors in the sunshine.

The leaves are just beginning to turn and I can remember that one year ago at this time I began to have thoughts of building and returning to my country property.

It was a dream that became a reality. It went through several changes. First I was going to build a cabin and just come on weekends. Then as I put more thought into this process I realized I could not constantly be up and down the highway. Could not maintain two homes. I do well at this stage of life to maintain one home and garden.

What materialized was a smaller home then what I occupied in the past and at the moment I love being surrounded by nature and the peacefulness this home saturates me with.

My fire pit is one more item off my to do list. Created from a piece of pipe given to me by my contractor, sitting on stones for ventilation and surrounded it with stones gathered on this property.

I burned it today for the first time and I like it. Sat in my old chair and could feel the warmth of the fire.

My little girls will love gathering wood for it and cooking marshmellows and hot dogs on a stick.


kenju said...

Now that's a fire pit I could warm up to!! (pun intended)

Cloudhands said...

There is something about a fire that speaks of comfort and fellowship. Your fire looks like an invitation to come join in fun and conversation. Humans have gathered around fires for so long I think we need them in our lives from time to time. We also have a fire pit for just those times.

Sarah Lulu said...

Spring has sprung here. Your photos are very beautiful.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

kenju, Cloudhands and Sarah Lulu -
Thanks for checking in. I looked at fire pits in the stores but wanted something more rustic. Think I did it!!