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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Butternut Squash Soup

My daughter from Tampa will be arriving tomorrow. Granddaughter was suppose to visit also.
But....a call and several interviews in New York will take grandma's time.

For the last couple of hours I have been making butternut squash soup. It is so good and I hoped it would not disappoint this time.

Just tasted it and it is good.

I never follow recipes "exactly". So this is cooked squash, some onion, carrot, celery and garlic.

When all is cooked - the process I do not like is blending in small batches in my old old blender.
Add chicken broth and simmer. I have used cream or milk in the past.

Someone gave me two good size squash weeks ago and I kept looking at them and remembered how difficult they are too cut.

In the past I have cut them in half and baked them like you would a potato with olive oil and scooped out the cooked squash
and added to my other cooked ingredients. This time I tried something different.

Do not laugh - I took a small saw on my work bench and cut the difficult squash. After removing the seeds I cut them in smaller sections like you would a potato and simmered them in water. When they were done the peeling came easily off.

Anyway - I have delicious soup.

I also made an oriental salad (this is one of my favorites made with broccoli slaw) and in the morning will bake a turkey breast, zucchini bread and another desert. A gallon of fruit tea is ready. A bottle of wine is chilling.

My little girls may be visiting and spending the night and there are plenty of chips, nuts, crackers and cheese.

Hey the sun shined today and tomorrow promises to be a pleasant day.

So...there are hot dogs and marshmallows on hand in case the fire pit is burning tomorrow evening.

I was told not to cook anything - but - there has to be something to eat at Woodhaven.

If they are not hungry - then I will have something to eat on for a few days!!!


Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Marcie said...

Coincidentally, I made a broccoli slaw salad (the bagged slaw mix, with sesame seed, avocado and a home made olive oil and lemon dressing) today... and roasted several squash (acorn though, not butternut) to freeze. I will make soup with most of the frozen squash puree, or add it to another soup or stew.

It sounds like you need an immersion blender, then you don't have to process in little batches. I would like one. I have several soups I have to transfer to the blender a little at a time and blend.

Cloudhands said...

I'll try to remember your technique for cutting the butternut squash. I've been thinking of making Butternut Squash Soup since we entered this cold spell. Everything you are planning sound so good to me. I'm really ready for all the harvest meals we have in this season and soup is at the top of my list. I just know you will have a fine time with your daughter.

MsGraysea said...

Everything sounds so delicious. Great ingenuity to use the saw on the squash. I only have squash when Lou is around to cut it for me. The recommendation of an immersion blender is a good one. I got one for Christmas 2 years ago and just love it. Quite inexpensive, too.
Enjoy your visitors!

Tabor said...

We had a few of those squash from the garden and I am still adventurous enough to cut them, but your idea of using a small saw sounds so much safer. You need to market this idea...remember the shredders that came from tools!!!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Hapi, thanks for visiting. Aisling, I used the bagged slaw mix with sunflower seeds, slivered almonds, crushed oriental noodles, green onions, green pepper and an olive oil and balsomic vinegar dressing. I love squash. I never thought of an immersion blender and really do not want any more "things" in the kitchen. Cloudhands and Marcia, thank you for checking in. Tabor, I do not have a knife sharp enough to cut the big squash. I may need a sharpener or bigger knife.