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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Life Continues

I am in the city to pick up my little girls and want to leave a note. Thank you again for all who keep in touch.

I have not heard from doctor on blood work. I called 3 times last week. My condition continues and I am taking Mobic. I understand it is stronger then the over the counter medications.

Know in my heart this is arthritis and it will continue. Hopefully it will not leave me walking with a cane. But then to quote one daughter "you are so fortunate to have lived a healthy life into your 3 score and ten".

I need to leave for the country when my girls arrive and will drive back to the city first of the week to do some garden and housework.

After the doctor confirms my thoughts on this horrible condition I will make plans to have another truck load of belongings to the country. My computer, desk, scanner and printer and a lot of business and personal items will be in the load.

I made this move with certain things in mind that have not happened as of yet.

A simpler lifestyle with less work. Time to write and use my camera.

Seems to One Woman it is taking a long time to lay the groundwork for the "simple life".
But then when I look back at this year a lot has happened. When I look at what has been accomplished - I am almost of ashamed of myself. Please forgive all the venting.

One Woman checking in on another Hot Day


Cloudhands said...

Since we can only live moment by moment time has different speeds according to our needs and expectations. I think you have used your time wonderfully as I have followed you this summer. Pain and discomfort are always time distorters, so hang in there and enjoy your time with the girls, hopefully they will give your time with them a sweet aspect that balances the discomfort.
I look forward to your frequent updates on your journey.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Hello Sweet Friend,

I have slipped quietly in the back door to see how you are doing. I think of you often, especially when I am in my garden, but lately I find far too little time for blogging. It is a good thing . . . and then again I miss my newfound friends. Life continues to surprise me at every turn -- who would have thought a little bloggy journal for the family would have yielded all I have found in the way of friendship? What a gift!

Like you, I have found my camera's lens a disappointment of late. Our mild and wonderful summer invites me to run in the gardens, chase butterflies with Rachel, and play all day. Thus, no report for the blog. *sigh*

I do hope "arthur" shapes up and gives you some freedom from pain. Don't be hard on yourself . . . this journey continues on and the current destination rises up ahead -- the Country Home. Go there and be well. enJOY the days, and the eves, and every facet of this journey. Many miles remain, I am sure, so rest and sip sweetly the beauty. You will be refreshed, just as He promises.

Much love to my dear journeying friend,

Tabor said...

I agree with Cloudhands in that pain does distort our view of things. You will soon be on the downhill side of this adventure and can have some peace at last.

Beverly said...

You just vent away...that is what we are here for...
Our blogging friends allow that. I think when you get everything in one place, life will be easier. I truly think that you may have stirred some aches up with all the moving and planting. Treat your joints kindly and maybe they will heal....You are the bravest person to go after what you want in life and home and I think it will have many rewards for you....

kenju said...

You can vent all you want. I hope you don't have arthritis.

lilalia said...

Only hope is that the doctors will be able to help you in some way. Also hope that your simple life in the countryside will bring you much joy.

mermaid said...

It's either a long time or a short time. Either way, you are there, by your words, your thoughts, your heart. Welcome home.

Balisha said...

Hang in there dear friend. Things have a way of working out. This winter, you wlll have time to rest your body and mind. You've done a wonderful job.

Darlene said...

Once all the moving is behind you I am sure you will feel better. You have been doing a lot and your body is telling you to slow down. I know that's hard for you to do, but sometimes we don't have a choice.

I am sure the fact that your city home hasn't sold yet is adding stress and that contributes to pain.

In time you can relax an heal.