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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Journey Continues

Sunsets in the country continue to be beyond words for One Woman to describe. They are like a magnificient huge painting splashed across the sky.

I am in the city for a quick trip. Deadheaded some flowers, gathered 4 squssh, 6 tomatoes, 4 green peppers and a canteloup. Not bad for a very small kitchen garden in the city. Also dug up 4 clumps of flowers.

The card and directions for transferring my computer to the country - has arrived.

Next week I will have a truck load of items brought to the country with my computer among them.

I check my emails twice a week in a hurry and please forgive me for not answering comments personally like I have in the past. I do everything so rapidly since I want to return to the country quickly.

All is well and I can hardly wait for my son to soon arrive home and view what his mother has been doing in the country. So much progress has been made in the clearing around my home.

I am very aware that I doing what I vowed not to do. "Clean the Woods" Originally I was going to have a path to my home that would sit in the woods. I feel what I am doing is necessary and it will not continue. We are almost done!!! My home will sit in a clearing where flower beds have been started and a small garden plot prepared for turnip greens this fall and next Spring a small kitchen garden.

What would I do without - Sheila and Francisco? Their help is surely a blessing to me.
They always put a smile on my face and arrive baring gifts from their garden. I would eat peanut butter daily and have no electricity to have their help!!!

Arthritis is painful at night but makes an exit after I am up a short time. I am fine and so thankful that I was allowed to create this country home.

Buyer for city home will make my joy complete!!

One Woman entry on a quick trip to the city on a Saturday morning. She is so aware of her many blessings!!!!


Tabor said...

You have crossed the top of the hill and things now should be so much easier. You sound joyful and I can hardly wait until next year to see your lovely garden. (Be sure to protect from rabbits and groundhogs.)

Darlene said...

It must be hard trying to take care of two houses so far apart. I am sure that contributes to your night pain, but you sound like you are nearing an end to having to work on your city house and I am sure that will help.

Once you have everything under one roof things should be easier.

kenju said...

You are doing a lovely job with it. Good pix.

Beverly said...

I will be glad when you are settled. I miss email from my friend.....Take care of yourself. I am glad the motion is lotion for your joints....that is what my ortho told me when I had knee surgery.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor, Darlene, Kenju and Beverly - you are special online friends.
Thank you for your comments. In town this early morning for my weekly cleanup and taking items back to the country.

Judy said...

Hi Ernestine, Your header is beautiful. What a journey you are on at this time! I can tell you are very happy and content in your new place. I am so glad you have good help and I am sure you are making great progress. Next year, you will have a wonderful garden there. I have my fingers crossed for the selling of your old home.
I am so happy that you made this all come true for yourself. It took real courage to do what you did.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Judy, just getting ready to turn computer off. I have been working in city garden. I have never had this much growth in a year. I need to stop and pack a few things and head "home". Or rather sometimes I wonder "where is home". Thank you so much for keeping up with me.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Hello Dear Friend,

I have come around for my occasional visit. Life is so full for me around Wisteria Cottage these days, hardly time for it all and blogging -- and so I walk slowly and gently through these lovely reads of mindfulness in this peaceful moment on the margin of a new day.

I awoke much too early this morning and decided to come and read up on your journey (I had chosen to "save up" several entries and wait for a rich and complete visit, rather than grab a phrase or idea in a mad hurry of a few moments allowed lately). My husband arose, ignited the whole house fan and flooded my sitting room with the cool pre-dawn freshness of a new day, then smiled as he returned to slumber. I settled in to walk with you for a piece. What a lovely ramble of peace it has been.

You supply no answers, nor even seek them really, but instead refresh me by sharing the journey with honesty and freedom. I am only lately learning the value of refusing to value every thing I see and do; choosing instead to catalog the joys, acknowledge the pains, and carry on.

I am so blessed by these quiet meetings with you. How I DO wish I could attend that grand gathering you dream of -- Hugs would be so nice. For now I merely marinate in the sweetness and marvel at the gift of a virtual backdoor to meet upon as we open hearts through keyboards.

I pray you enjoy this day . . . as I pray I do as well.

Much love,

Susie Hemingway said...

I have just discovered your web-blog and have so enjoyed my time spent here. I will return again to drink your words. Your life seems so busy, like mine but for very different reasons. I thank you for such lovely interesting writing.
Susie Hemingway - poet UK

Nan said...

I've just read all your recent entries, and I thank you, Ernestine for sharing your life with your readers. Your heart comes right through your words. I am so touched and warmed.

Mim said...

Just checking in to see how your move to the country, and the gardening and you are doing?!
Hope you are staying strong and that you are well.