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Saturday, August 15, 2009

City At Dawn

She gardened in the late evening. Watered, pulled weeds and as she worked had the thought if this lush garden was a blessing or a curse. In the Spring she had casually tossed every kind of seed and wondered if any would come up. She believes that they all did. She does not want this much gardening in the country. Wonder how this will play out.

Early the next morning she continued the watering and clean up and did not make much progress. Then she is somewhat of a perfectionist and others viewing this garden might think it was a delight. She wears no gloves and wonders why. She loves the feel of the dirt in her hands and when she views her hands she thinks they look fine.

She picked a dozen small tomatoes, a large zucchini (will be good chopped for her bread) and a few small squash for her stir fry. Also 4 clumps of flowers were dug up and will be taken to the country.

She will have to return with garden tools and soon have someone bring some mulch to keep it looking attractive. In the past she picked up the mulch and spread but she does not think she has the energy to do this. She has thoughts of making this garden smaller and spreading some grass seed this fall. She cannot maintain two gardens.

After working until dark last night she enjoyed a warm bath in her generous tub. The tub in the country is not quite as comfortable. But then she remembers that she was simplifying. If she had it to do over she would have picked another tub. It was so good to sleep in her bed of many years and she likes the mattress better then the new one she bought for the country. The one in the country sits on a frame until her bed will be delivered to her.

She did not sleep well and could hear the cars passing and was aware of the street lights through her shutters. In the country there is total silence and she keeps her windows uncovered and loves seeing the stars and moon.

As she thought during the night in this fine home she compared it to her country cottage.

They are so different. Like previous thoughts they are two different worlds.

The city home is not very bright inside. The front porch and screen porch on back cover the windows to her bedroom and great room. The country home has no porches over the windows and the rooms are filled with natural light.

She also had thoughts of a friend from years ago. As she read the local paper yesterday before heading for the city she saw his son's death notice. Memories flooded her mind. This man was so sincere as he sought her attention. He continually told her that she did not need to be alone and he would make her a good husband. But - she did not love him. He deserved more then I could offer. Having loved so deeply at one time, I just could never love like that again and when you trust with all of your heart and the trust is gone, I wonder can you ever trust again. Anyway it just never happened. Now I just accept this fact.

As she eats her breakfast she views her screen porch, terrace and garden through the open door.

It is a beautiful site. Her porch holds all of her comfortable furniture, ferns, wind chimes and special items. In the country she has a swing and an old wicker rocker and a couple of plants.

Again, such a difference.

When she sits on her screen porch and deck in the country she views - as far as she can see - fields, trees, wonderful sky scenes and birds of every kind going from tree to tree and to her one bird feeder.

She wants to bring her bird feeders from the city to the country but cannot get them out of the ground. Also wants her special wind chimes. She knows when her son returns he will take care of this for her.

Enough rambling. She may make a stop at the new farmers market that is around the corner.

Will head out for the country in an hour. Need to return to the city soon and do some dusting and go over floors but just do not feel like it this early morning.

One Woman's early morning in the city


Darlene said...

Your post reminds me of the nursery story about the city mouse and the country mouse. Right now you seem to be both.

I admire your stamina in keeping both places going and taking time from moving and gardening to bake goodies. I cannot do 1/3 of what you accomplish.

Tabor said...

Managing two gardens and two houses is enough to break anyone's back. Here is hoping that things slow down a little soon.

My word verification is: "homso" Maybe that is prophetic for you.

kenju said...

Living in two worlds, you are!

Sky said...

it seems to be that you are having a nice transition, this moving between two worlds. there has been no abrupt departure or letting go of one for the other. it is happening gradually and naturally, and when the true break occurs there will be an easy healing of the fracture - you'll resume life in your new world and bid farewell to the old. for me this would be absolutely perfect.

Beverly said...

you are not sad to leave the city house, are you???

mermaid said...

You are planting seeds and wondering what will grow.

So much contrast between the city and country home. It seems as if your heart belongs to both.