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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mindfulness - Where Are You?

I started on my journey of errands. I am not all that car suave and when a light on the dash came on - it unsettled me. Bought a few groceries and returned home. Seems I am low on oil. The miles that are posted shows I still have a few miles. My son explained to me that when a car gets older that this sometimes happens - and also when going through paperwork in car I discovered My License Had Expired In March.

The county I moved from always sent a notice and I never received one in this county.

So in the morning first thing I will have car serviced and go and update my license.

The explanation for this - I have been driving my truck daily. Both of these vehicles look like new and are low mileage and I am not in the market for upgrading any time soon.

It truly upsets me when something pertaining to a car, appliances, computer and anything I am not knowledgeable about - has a problem. Guess this is normal.

One Woman's Sunday


Judy said...

I hate having to go have the oil changed in my car for some reason. Like you, anything to do with cars frustrates me. I did not pump my own gas for years and then got the country store and had to pump it! Never say never. I loved the post about your father, too.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Judy thanks for checking in. I do not mind pumping gas. Just hate I have been driving with an expired license.

Cloudhands said...

As my Dad got older he carried his mind in his shirt pocket. He kept a little notebook with all kinds of notes to himself and he was always leafing through it. Being mindful is more difficult than I would have thought years ago when I juggled 10 different things without a second thought. I have become a list maker. You are probably juggling lots more than 10 things in town and out.

Sky said...

don't be surprised if you are not required to take the driving test since it expired a while back. i know a few people that has happened to.

sounds like you have had too much on your mind for quite a while. i say take a break if you will...even ONE day to do nothing but rest and chill out.

Darlene said...

I told my daughter last night that I hate it when things go wrong with modern gadgets. I want everything to be simple and easy like a Microwave.

It seems to be more frustrating and stressful as you get older when small things go wrong. The computer woes can drive me to distraction and I don't have all the things to deal with that you are going through.

Tabor said...

The move to your new house will also post more challenges as addresses get ignored and other challenges occur. It is what keeps you young!

Balisha said...

I agree with Cloudhands...lists, lists, lists. It gets harder to remember everything as we age...saying this, I think that you have had so many things going on in your life. Your mind must be full of things when you go to bed at night. I really admire you in your adventure with building this home. You are going to be so proud of yourself, when you are finished. Your family will be proud too.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Cloudhands, Sky, Darlene and Tabor, thanks for checking in.
I just arrived safely home in the middle of a terrible storm. All is well. Partial move on Saturday!!!!