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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wonders Never Cease

Yesterday, my son shared with me that there was a sign on a fence on the next street that said

"honey for sale".

I have always used honey to sweeten my cereal. It was used by my children when they were growing up. We never used sugar.

Honey was on my grocery list and I had thoughts of purchasing some at the local Farmers Market.

I smiled when after knocking on the door of this home and was directed to the back yard that there they were "bee hives".

When I lived in country a neighbor put hives on my farm. I was facinated by them but also was not comfortable with learning more about them.

One day when he came to check the hives I was close by. In only a few minutes I was covered by bee's and they were getting in my hair. It surely frightened me.

Never would I have dreamed that in my new CITY home I would have a neighbor a short walk away that had bee hives.

I bought two jars and we talked about her 15 year old garden. It was a marvel with all types of interesting plants and herbs.

Also a Koi pond.

I remember mine from previous home.

So I have made two discoveries recently a short walk from my new city cottage.

A lady with bee hives and a man who has turned his small lot into organic gardens. His plants are something to behold.

A pleasant discovery - yesterday - on My Journey Through this Life.


Beverly said...

So, those bees were like the movie with all the birds flying.
It is really nice to get to know new neighbors, and especially when they have bees. I am assuming the bees do not get to fly around the neighborhood for a visit to your flowers???

Meredith said...

Ernestine, I can't be sure but I think that was the lady from whom my husband rented a basement apartment when we were courting.

She had hives, a koi pond and a lot of bamboo for privacy.

Elderwoman said...

If all human beings were to disappear from the Earth, it would make very little difference to the world's bees. But according to ecologists,if all the bees were to disappear, the human race could only survive another four years. Yet we kid ourselves we are important in the scheme of things!!
Your garden looks lovely, Ernestine. And how great that your neighbor has beehives. Hugs from Marian.

Beth said...

It is said that you should take a spoonful of homegrown honey every day and its keeps you from having allergies and sinus problems(which are horrible in this state) but I haven't tried it yet. I Love honey and butter and homemade biscuits,,yum!

Liza on Maui said...

Very pleasant discovery indeed!

I hadn't visited for a while (in helping in the Johnsons' blog). Today when I visit I noticed how you're posting more regularly and you're getting more comments. Way to go Ernestine! Isn't blogging such a wonderful way to connect with people (and to reflect and express ourselves)?

Love yah!