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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Do you know someone that whenever you are around them - they make you smile, they are uplifting to your spirit, they make you feel special and loved.

That's my Sam.

I started going to her about 15 years ago.

For the last several years I visit her about every 4 months even though the last several years I have said to myself " I am not going to have my hair cut and curled anymore".

But seems it becomes so out of shape - with my trimming and my hair is so fine that it does not look presentable without a little curl.

Also I keep having come to mind that the Bible promises us a white crown of glory as we age.

I have not received my crown of glory as of yet. Thought if I received it my hair might not need as much assistance.

Back to Sam. The magic she performs seems to make me presentable most of the time. Even though I spend hours in my garden.

So, today was a scheduled visit to my "Sam"

We have shared a lot of stories, some tears, some happiness and some sadness.

A different friendship since she is the age of my youngest daughter.

She use to tell me "we were cut out of the same cloth"

Also she was into dating and relationships and since I was alone from 42 on, I was also on that path.

Every time either one of us had a friendship that ended she would say that her grandmother told her "men were like buses and when one passes another one comes along"

This use to make me smile.

Was true for both of us for a while.

Sam is now happily married to her soul mate and now for a few years I am content just with my company.

I am at a good place.

Just me and my garden, books, computer and my Sadie dog daily and visits from my two little granddaughters and some of my children who live locally.

As I drove home after my appointment with her this morning I had a smile on my face.

If it had been possible I guess I would have adopted her in the past years. But she had a "mama"

She always tells me she loves me and gives me a hug as I come in the door and leave.

She is truly special to me.

Another day on My Journey Through This Life.


Samantha said...

I am honored to have you as my friend! I love you!

Beverly said...

Everyone needs a Sam!

Rinkly Rimes said...

I'm a very new Blogger (1 month) and I'm Australian. I've been leafing through 'Ageless' and I was attracted by your washing!!! I bet that's a first! But it's amazing how the simplest things can bring joy. My Blog is called 'Rinkly Rimes'.
Brenda Bryant

MsGraysea said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog. I look forward to more time with your writing! Cyberspace is such a wonderful place. I have met some incdredibly wonderful people!
I'll be back.

Beth said...

Hi Enestine,

I was over at Brenda's RinklyRimes blog and was commenting and read your coment that you were in Tennessee. I am in Tn. too, I work in Nashville but live a little west of the big city in a country little town called Dickson. I just always like to say hi to my neighbor bloggers. I Love you posts too. Stop by for a visit.

Liza on Maui said...