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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Hemp Oil

Can be purchased from Amazon and on the site, many questions answered.  I know it is helping me with a low dose of 4 drops morning and night, no side effects and thankful for the opportunity
to know about this.  At the rate I am taking it will probably last me 3 months and not costly.

My Jamie, the writer, writes for a nutritionist and shared with me about Hemp Oil, saying ''it might help you.".

Sent me some from one she writes for and if I had known Amazon carried this brand and the duplicate of what Jamie sent to
me, I would have saved shipping.

Ever so careful of what I take at this age and now 100 lb.
I believe more in natural healing and products then what the doctor prescribes, always like this.

 Hemp Oil arrived, have read all the information I can find on this product and still researching.
It seems to work miracles for many.

So hesitantly I took it the first time almost a week ago.  Not the dosage they recommend as lower doses of everything
work for me.

The first evening I placed 2 drops in a tablespoon of water, it has no taste.  I seem to sleep better sooner and more at peace as I many
times have stories go over and over in my mind (a bad habit.) that cause anxiety.

Next day I took 3 drops in water morning after breakfast and in the evening before bedtime
It helped me once again.   Not like a sleeping pill (have never taken) or pain reliever even half a pill low dose like I have taken in the past
for severe pain and affect your mind, also helping with pain, 1/2 arthritis medication yesterday
and none this morning.

Taking my time sharing about this oil and trying to find the correct words to describe how it affects me, everyone is different and I have never had to take much of anything for relief.
Seems it gives me a feeling of well being, peace and not like a tranquilizer where is difficulty in thinking,
do not know where I am headed with this but want to share about it.

Yesterday, Tuesday morning  4 drops were taken and plan on the same last night.   If this is good I will not go over this dosage.

Already have been advised that I could take 20 drops of oil and I say "no way."
If a small amount of this Hemp Oil helps me then this is what I will take.
Fluid on knee drained a week ago and also a new kind of Cortisone shot that is time released and suppose to help for 3 to 6 months, repeatedly said I would never take this shot again, it is not good for the body but the pain was so bad I had to go to the doctor.
Dr. Stacy said you were supposed to come back last December, I shared that at that time was not at my home and really planned on never coming back again to see you :)
but in so much pain "I had too."   So will see how long this procedure last.
This was a very painful procedure "do not dare look at the size of the needle,:
Thankful, my Jamie drove me and was with me.

Now Shingles is another story, still on the right side of the face, affecting the eye, ear and very painful.
I will not take pain medication and told it will eventually leave but takes longer with age
and my immune system is not the best.

So I continue onward doing all I know to do and not stopping :)


Judy said...

So the Hemp Oil doesn't help with the pain?
I was hoping it would and I could order some.
I take 5mg of Melatonin at bedtime and sleep restfully all night.
I am glad this Oil is helping you!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Judy yes helps with pain, took 1/2 arthritis medicine yesterday and this morning took none

MsGraysea said...

Ernestine.....would you mind telling us what brand you re using. Very interested. So happy it is helping you so much.

Bobbie said...

Hi Ernestine :) Please post the brand you got from amazon. Sounds interesting. Thank you, Bobbie DeWitt

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

posting as this suppose to be the best

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wisewebwoman said...

Whatever works I'm in favour of. I take CBD for my pain, something similar I believe. Delighted to hear this Ernestine.


Tabor said...

Hubby hurt his arm and used some hemp oil for that and did have nightmares for two nights, so it does affect people differently. But so does prescribed medications. So glad it is working for you and continue the small doses.