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Saturday, May 26, 2018


Thankful the young man that helped me plant many flowers surrounding this cottage
arrived this morning to weed and mulch.   A good buy at the nursery, mulch 5 bags for $10.00
All planted is thriving and multiplying, love the thriving look but miss so that I cannot weed
and work along side of him, but I can direct.

Several have asked "will family be with you this holiday weekend" and I quickly respond "no just me" Jamie with her girls and Beth probably has errands and her dad.    I am fine just sitting and
observing the beauty surrounding me, turkeys in front soybean field, feeders full of birds and
plants everywhere are huge.

What am I going to eat, do not eat much as nothing seems tasty and Shingles still bothering my mouth, eyes, ear and face.    I remember the local market grills sometimes on holidays, slowly
into my car and head for the market.   Oh yes I could smell them cooking, rrbs on the grill.
I have baked beans, tomato and cottage cheese and this is fine for me.

Asparagus in season and buy some, plus bananas as I eat one a day and some more yogurt as almost

I eat and the memory surfaces how much my dad loved to cook.   My parents first small home
"finally" I was 14 years of age and immediately my father had a brick barbecue grill built in the yard,
he was so proud of it and ribs were his favorite to cook,   I have a huge crock that belonged to my parents and they would always fill it with fresh lemonade whenever they cooked outside.

I am finished eating, kitchen cleaned and now will sit and read until my early bed time.

I might mention that my helper that I have depended greatly on has hurt his shoulder and may have to
have surgery.  Will be weeks before he returns,  So I cannot give up driving and will be very careful.
A young woman arrives several evenings to help me inside, thankful for this.

The day in the life of someone on a rural road in the country.

I have so many blessings
as you age
a lot changes
I am accepting
but do not like it
at all......


Judy said...

I love your last stanza.
I don't like it either!!
At least we are still vertical!!!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Love you dear Ernestine ~ FlowerLady

Tabor said...

We do not like the handicaps that come with aging. Hubby and I will be on our own for the long weekend. But we do not have to have family around us all the time. They are busy with their lives and I accept that. I can totally understand you sadness at not being able to garden. My neighbor has hired a young man to help her as her arthritis requires a cane and she can no longer bend down and weed. It makes us feel so useless, but you must get your mind to other activities and not let it bring you down.

Rebecca said...

ItsI ok and quite normal not to like the changes, I think... To be realistic and wise in navigating them is a challenge, isn't it? ❤️

Sallysmom said...

Be very careful & take good care of yourself.

Marcie said...

I hope your helper heals quickly. You have beautiful surroundings to spend your time in, so even sitting and just observing can be a blessing and a meditation. I hope your lingering Shingles symptoms are soon gone and you can be more comfortable.

Bluebird49 said...

I did nothing special for this weekend, either. Not being able to bend to work, and having to use a cane are things I know of well! But you have a stronger spirit than I, and I like to read about what you're doing!! Oh, to be as strong as you!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

please take care of yourself.