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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Beauty and the baby bluebirds in danger....

really warm weather may be why arthritis not just visiting but along with the
shingles I am not in a perfect place except in the garden viewing flowere blooming.

I watch continually as the bluebirds go in and out of their house and now think the babies
may be ready to be on their own.
Horrors today
as I look out and see
a huge squirrel on top of their house
made a loud noise and he left
and now cannot get the baby birds off of my mind....


Tabor said...

Blue birds seem to have so many enemies. A friend of mine who monitors dozens of bluebird boxes sees many failures and many deaths! I love my columbine and may post a series on my other blog.

Bluebird49 said...

Oh, I love bluebirds, but my mother loved them more. We bought as many different versions of glass and porcelain bluebirds we could find to set beside her chair and bed. Mother was a naturally cheerful person, but bluebird were close to her soul, as all nature was. I love remembering things like this as Mother's Day comes on -- she passed on in 2011, and it seems like yesterday some days and a million years the next.
I am always glad you felt well enough here to post in the cottage at the edge of the woods!
I fear for the young bluebirds, not quite ready to leave the nest yet, vulnerable to the wild. I always compare them to children -- some leaving too soon to much danger, and some flying into a nice safe branch of a big tree; God watching over them both.
Happy Mother's Day weekend, Ernestine!! I hope you aren't in so much pain these days.

Wisewebwoman said...

Beautiful bluebirds and colombine. Lightens my heart. Nature can be cruel.

Happy Mother's Day my friend.


Carolyn Marie said...

I am delighted to find that you have been writing more. It is good to read that you are able to do some of the things that you enjoy. Ernestine, you are an inspiration and good model for those of us a few years younger. You have much wisdom and strength and I learn much from you.