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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Memory Room

A cool drizzling day,
I go to the dining room with my special tea cup and ask for a cup of hot water for ginger lemon
tea in my room.  Glenda says "let me carry it for you to your room" she is a prize.  They are so accommodating.  I return and sit with my tea and a cookie
and reflect.

I sit and look around in this room I created, outside is a large woodpecker on the tree outside my window.  I look around and see memories

On a chest is a mirror my son gave me years ago, I love it, it looks like a mirror in a hat dept
of a store,  I see the quilts I have brought here that my mother made. Several of probably over 40 she made.    Now I appreciate her handwork
 she did daily at dawn every morning.  Looking at these stitches and  I bless her

In my bathroom hangs a wooden hand mirror that my Laurie gave me many years ago at the
old farm house.   Always wanted the initial E placed on it.

On the wall next to my computer is a framed print of a man sitting by the fireplace, reading and a dog is near by.   I have always love this print, it was my son's
an item he passed onto me.

A pillow of a woman trimming a Wisteria Vine given to me by a special friend who passed away
of an aneurysm is on my bed.   I miss Clarice, when I would visit her, she would greet me with a hug (which was so welcome)  invited to stay for dinner every time  and she never wanted me to leave, would say "don't go, we have an extra bedroom.

Special books have been brought and one from a friend Polly last year for my birthday.
The thought I need friendship and where in the world did this bonding come from.
So many I have been close to have all past on.  But that special bonding from the heart does
not happen often.  She is so special and our emails mean so much to me.

Several small things still at the country.   A sand dollar in a glass case.  I found that sand dollar
while walking the beach either in St Thomas or Jamaica years go.  Where in the world will I place it, do not want this room cluttered.   Also a small plaque that my Beth gave me that says
"Miracles only happen to those who believe in them."

By the door to this room is St.Francis (my son's) boulders from my mother's garden and  plaque
that says "one is closer to God in a garden then anywhere else on earth"  on my door hangs
a small pillow that says "I'm in the garden."  A gift from a young woman I raised in her young years which was a stormy time with divorce in the future.

So need to stop writing as memories keep surfacing and I will be crying :)

One more, my New World Thesaurus, the book I use constantly
I open up
and inside these words "Jimmy gave me this book the year he did not have extra money to buy
 a Christmas present - Date, December 1980 - now this is a treasure...

Two  new ladies have arrived and are neighbors, each with their stories
and have brought their dogs.   In between them is Helen the 104 year old retired teacher
who in her wheel chair is amazing and she has her cat of many years named Cricket.

So far my youngest granddaughter seems to be doing well with recently broken arm/

New pictures will soon be arriving of this 6 week old great grandson who is plump, healthy
and is doing great, my Laurie is visiting them in New York.

Yesterday, my Jamie took me to the dentist where I have been going for years "so appreciated'
and picked up Soul FoOd for lunch (carry out) oh my, fried corn, turnip greens, squash and corn bread "my kind of food" thank you my Jamie.

Enough shared.... soon lunch in the dining room (sometimes not my kind :) of food :(


Tabor said...

So sorry about the institutional food. Maybe you can bring a jar or two of spice to add to your meal and improve the flavor. Cinnamon, nutmeg, paprika, garlic flakes...etc. Your room is so full of memories . I guess that happens when we have lived a long time and keep the most important relics of our lives.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I just love your header picture.

A room full of sweet memories is one filled with love. Enjoy.

I agree with Tabor about having jars of spices to make your bland food taste better. Glad you were able to go out and have some Soul Food.

Have a lovely day dear Ernestine, with new and old friends.

Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

MsGraysea said...

I love this post, Ernestine, although it has a lot of longing, it shares so much of your beautiful soul, as you wrote about the various messages in your room. I especially loved the vision of you having ginger lemon tea. It is my favorite and something I have every day, so it makes me feel I am visiting with you.
How nice to have a large woodpecker. They are so interesting to watch.

As I type, it is snowing hard outside, and Teddy and I are gearing up for the drive to the bus stop, then I am off to the gym. Later I will go to LM's house for the weekend. We haven't been together in a while, so I will enjoy the peace and quiet for 2 days, and we will catch up on some British TV and "The Crown" on Netflix.

Thank you so much for continuing to share your life with us. Your emotions and feelings at this time, are inspiring and encouraging to many.


Marcie said...

I just love reading these memories. How beautiful to read your thoughts as your eyes wander around your cozy bower. Sending you love and good energy, always!