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Sunday, June 18, 2017

She's Home

One of my youngest granddaughter's is home from mission trip to Mexico.

Was picked up at airport at 7:00- AM this Sunday morning.

Now this was 2 days late, some were sick and also plane problem.
So happy she is home and also Miss Zoey crawled up beside her :)

Grandma feels in her heart
that this may be a life changing event for her,

Father's day picture that Jamie posted on instagram
of dad and his girls...
The soninlaw who has called me "other mother" since he
was a teenager and dating my girl....

A rainy day, drove to market and now have a Starbucks in remodeled
market -  never indulged in these like my girls.
Bought a tomato, spinach wrap filled with feta cheese, spinach and
egg white ,    So good and a glass of Mango tea,

Thought they were grilling ribs but guess because of rain
did not do,

Did not feel like cooking today.
In the morning Cortisone shot in knee,  


Tabor said...

Odd but we had ribs for Father's Day! Had the whole crowd and while I loved every minute I was relieved to say good-bye.

Sky said...

Good luck with the shot. I found myself cringing when I read it. Sending many good wishes your way.

Pienosole said...

Beautiful day! Hope the shot brings quick and long-lasting relief. :-)

Marcie said...

I love the glimpses of your family in the photos you shared. The Mango Tea sounds delicious. Just right for summer. Sending good energy for the shot and improved mobility!

Judy said...

I KNOW it will be a life changing experience for her, as I witnessed it when my grand girl Maddie went to Guatemala! So good for them to have these adventures.

joared said...

Catching up here -- glad you're back home to your cottage from the hospital visit. Love your new header! Wonderful you can enjoy family together. Think of your cane as a friend -- which it is.