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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Busy Week

Cortisone shot on Monday and face looks like I have spent  days in the sun,
did not take affect immediately like those in the past.
I hobbled in and Stacy the nurse replied "why did you wait so long you could have received this shot 3 weeks ago?)
replied just trying to go as long as I could, not a good idea as pain was horrible.
Appointment made in 3 weeks for shoulders.  Never the one who took medication and now seems
if I want some quality of life in these 80's and who knows how long I will live :) I will have to be more diligent in taking these shots.

I continue long consultation times with my new doctor.   I always just referred to my body as full
of arthritis, never 2 things. Now I realize it is  Rheumatoid, because of all the pain, it is from my auto immune disorder
Sjogrens ( diagnosed 12 years ago - never heard of it :) and now osteo settling in as there is deterioration lik e in my knee - just wearing out and if much younger would have knee placement but cannot now.
Lucky me all of this did not start until my 70's.   So many young people have this.condition, so
I had many perfect years...

Now I know that the body does not last forever :)

Special friend brought me lunch yesterday - so good
and healthy - broccoli salad and Waldorf salad (chopped apples, grapes, celery, etc) chicken salad.
I will duplicate soon along with tuna or egg salad and also she brought  a slice of chocolate chip pie.
Pushing more food as with every time short hospital stay I loose weight,  Need to gain 5 lbs.
Adding a protein shake daily from now,
I have always been petite, never ate a lot but now at the point I need too and do not have much appetite.  Always loved to cook, bake and can.   Seems I have to push now.  Guess it is all
natural but remembering family before me with arthritis, they just sat and had plenty of weight.
I am a mover, love to do but need to eat more :)

Doctor said to eat often, even a snack in the middle of the night.

They arrived to finish drive this afternoon, only did 1/3 of drive, down past my Wood haven sign , still another 800 feet to road.    So nice and I can walk many times daily.
Should have done it years ago but always watching finances, gravel drive did not bother me
but now cannot walk on it with cane in hand, need to walk a lot, hate to have anyone drive on my new drive it:)  barriers up
to protect another day....

Very tired at the moment
it was a long day but a good day....


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dearest Ernestine ~ I admire you, you encourage me so much with your 'still can do' attitude. But totally understand the need of help with meds, etc. as we age.

Your drive way looks nice!

Love, hugs & prayers for you ~ FlowerLady

Candace said...

Your personal walkway is almost finished! I believe it will be so beneficial for you to have a smooth surface to walk. Consider setting aside the cane and do some walking using the rolling walker. Know you feel it is too much but consider that it is exercise equipment allowing you to walk upright safely with more speed and equally using both arms/hands/shoulders, a very good thing.
Taking medication at some point becomes good sense to keep quality of life. I believe that you like me have more options(using meds) because of not using any of them until needed so little tolerance built up.
I have opposite problem weight wise. So happy that you have wonderful people bringing you food to tempt you.
Have a wonderful day and keep cool. We are forecast 101. Thankfully our humidity is very low but anything over 90 is still too hot!

lil red hen said...

Thinking of you this morning and hoping your pain will not be as bad today. Do be careful on your walks on these hot days. I agree with Candace, maybe you should use your walker.

Unknown said...

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Tabor said...

Light snows and ice will melt faster as well! Sorry for the pain. We all hate to take medicines and try to push through stuff. It is stressful for the body to have that much pain, though. Glad your appetite is still good.

Judy said...

I had one Cortisone shot--I thought it hurt more than the pain it was suppose to help, so have never had another one. My arthritis pain seems to have lessened in the past two years. I don't take any medicine for it. I know the hip replacements helped. My back has and will always hurt. I guess I am used to that. BTW--my across the street neighbor Jackie, has knee replacement surgery last year--she was 81 at the time. This year shoulder surgery, but I see her out tending her gardens--using one arm. LOL

Wisewebwoman said...

Getting caught up with you. I have the book for you and I will mail it. You are entitled to your down days. Life gets to be more challenging as we age with chronic diseases. In the workshop series we learned that we do what we can. Set little goals. Your driveway will help.
You're in my thoughts. Lovely photos.