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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Holiday Busyness

Not as much done as times in the past
but still busy here by the woods.

After errands yesterday, home through heavy traffic and thoughts of what do I make for
late lunch.

So on a bed of mixed greens a slice of wonderful bread warmed and covered with cheese
topped with cooked bacon, egg and tomato from vine in pot.  A side of artichoke dip with
black bean chips and the last slice of my pumpkin pie - made it complete and enjoyed more and probably healthier then any food I picked up on the way home.   Lately it seems I like
my food better.
  The tomato's picked green and have been
in utility room and finally ripened and so good.
A simple lunch buffet for family on Christmas at noon
and thoughts kept coming about something I purchased over 50 years ago that was in the
storage room.   So much given away
but for some reason kept this container and it will contain some kind of soup for Christmas
Thinking I would feel more comfortable using this one
neither of these used for almost 40 years.


Tabor said...

You had good vision in purchasing that pot. It is still lovely and stylish. I do like the way you eat healthy and in some abundance. You are wise about your activities. Colder weather here tomorrow!

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Tabor, 30 degrees
here this morning
and inside activities.
Wondering if soup will stay warm in this container
and may fill with hot or boiling water before soup.
Thank you always for your comments :)

Rebecca said...

What a nourishing late lunch!
And the pots - perfect for serving up soup (and memories)!

Judy said...

My Mother always used to say, "Why keep the good dishes back in the shelf. Bring them out to use and enjoy." My kids loved it on Thanksgiving when I laid the table with my grandmother's long Damask table cloth, real linen napkins, her china and crystal goblets and my mother's sterling silver table ware and cut glass dishes for the butter and cranberry sauce. Their manners seemed to improve when using the good stuff. :-)

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your lunch is making me hungrier than I already am. I can't eat any solid foods til tomorrow night, as I had a tooth pulled today. :-( One will be pulled next week too.

You eat really healthy and that inspires me to change my eating habits.

Happy Christmas holidays to you dear Ernestine ~ FlowerLady

Wisewebwoman said...

Lovely soup tureen. And your lunch.

Donna said...

Love the tureens...pretty! And the salad looks refreshing...
Hello from Texas!

Marcie said...

Both tureens are lovely and the table top is gorgeous!

joared said...

How true, we keep doing, but slower, maybe with a few rest stops along the way, and not completing as much as we might have at one time .... BUT glad to keep doin'! Late lunch looks delicious.