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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Cold Morning

13 degrees this early morning by the woods.

I wonder
what would I do without a computer at this time of life?
It seems to be main form of communication with my children and grandchildren.

Son in far away land emails several times a week and almost feel like I have made a
a visit to Thailand.  My first born Laurie was asked to model at a fund raiser in Tampa
and mom is so impressed with images she sent.
Jamie, my youngest with 2 youngest granddaughter's goes nonstop and I remember
those long ago days so well.  Guess that is one of the reasons I enjoy this late in life
time in this cottage the woods.

Middle daughter, the nurse is busy with planning for my chef granddaughter who is
finishing a season in Nantucket, her arrival soon and so pleased she will be among family
sitting at the long table at our Christmas lunch.

I smile as I view my orchids now showing 20 buds and buds are just beginning to show.

Busy days continue
plan on baking fresh Apple cake and Sour cream, Chocolate chip and Cranberry cookies
this week.  They look so festive, so good and I wonder why do I not make them more often.

Leaf removers with strong blowers have not arrived and seems this year the leaves do not bother
me that surround this home.

So life continues at a fast pace for my family and a delightful pace for this one traveling through her
80's.   I will end with....Life is Good....

80>s 80


Wisewebwoman said...

I am so happy you are in the Age of Contentment in your little slice of heaven. Long may you reign Ernestine. You made me smile this morning.

Rebecca said...

Life IS good -- and we do well to remind ourselves ♥
Your children sound/look beautiful and accomplished.
How delighted you must be to receive their news and updates.
Peace to you in your cottage this evening.

Pienosole said...

:-) :-) :-) Happy Sunday to you!

Anne Brew said...

One's own computer is a window on the world. I can keep up with family and friends I might not normally see in months. Opening the computer up in the morning with that first mug of tea is like opening a lovely new bundle of letters, just arrived in the post. Keep well and warm. xx

Marcie said...

What a heart-lifting post. Love every word of it, Ernestine.