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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Dry Tuesday

Need rain
so dry
and uneasy about something causing a fire in the woods.

Once again early this morning
baked blueberry, cranberry bread
they are going to special ones I am enjoying one with tea.
Have always shared recipes on my journal
but sad
in the beginning 8 years ago
did not put under a special recipe heading
if anyone would like I can look up the posting and share.

Old mouse pad so frayed
and not working well
ordered a new one from Amazon.
Like the colored back ground with the tree.

Vitamin B injection yesterday
suggested from oncologist 3 months ago
and was given, at that noticed no improvement on anything.
May be my imagination but seemed more energetic today
do not want to feel like super woman
but also seemed calmer
and cramps in legs and feet
frequently experienced
did not happen last night,

Shots suggested every few weeks for a while to see if they help,
research showed many advantages
helping energy, sleep, balance  and calmness
hope they work..

Also have asked
helper to raise bed to its original heigth
since I feel like I am sleeping on the floor
and cannot use fitted sheets as no room the way the bed is now lowered
and a 8 inch rail surrounding bed prevents this
Also this clean one finds it difficult to use swifter under bed.

Will see if this 5 ft 2 frame can continue to just slide out of bed :) safely.

Wondered about something today
is saying Thank You and writing notes becoming a lost art.
Now my children taught and do this and grandchildren do this also
but many in my past year would bake for them do other small things
and never a thank you.
I should not even mention since when you do something for someone
you should not expect a thank you
just thought it was good manners...

Enough on this subject
but always so thankful for all that has ever been done for me
and now so many kind things  being done
and so thankful and always tell the giver..


Nan said...

Yes! Recipes, please!! I so wish we were closer so I could drop in, and bring my little granddaughter. She is only two and an amazing 'thanker.'

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Glad to hear the B shot seems to be helping you. That's great!

Saying 'thank you' seems to be a thing of the past. Everyone seems to take so much for granted, like it is expected, no thanks needed.

Love, hugs and prayers for you dear Ernestine, and many thanks for speaking from your heart and being the inspiration that you are.


Beside a babbling brook... said...

I would worry about possibility of fire, also. Happily, we have had quite a bit of rain of late. Although some of the NE is said to be experiencing drought.

Hmmm, Labels for different topics, in our blogs. Yes, wonderful to have. Not easy to play catch up with. -sigh- But I suppose, you could always begin now.... With a Recipes Label.

Hooray for the Vitamin B injection. I take a B pill, with all my other supplements and meds.

We get used to things being a certain way, and change is bothersome. I do hope the higher bed, will continue to be safe. How about a (neat) pile of blankets on the floor, where you "slide" down? ,-)))) Sounds funny, but... If it "softens your landing", it would be good.

All forms of past "niceties," seem to be slipping away. This silly present world, is so bussssssssssy, that no one has "timmme" for such things. BAhhhh-humbug...

Enjoy these last days of Flaming Autumn!

Luna Crone

Kay said...

My daughter has mentioned the same thing to me about thank yous. She and my son were both taught to show their appreciation and now my granddaughter is learning to also write thank you notes. I think it's rather shameful that the coming generation is not learning the beauty of gratitude.

Sky said...

vitamin B helps me. and yes - thank you notes are indeed a lost art as are good manners in general! I don't know what happened to the 2 generations, those raising our teens and the teens themselves. many of both generations seem to be very self centered. we have hired help in the gardens that left me stunned. I finally fired one because he stayed on his cell phone more than he worked. he frequently didn't show up or call to say he would not be in. he gave excuses about one thing or another later, after the fact. 10 yrs ago we were paying him 3 times the minimum wage to plant new perennials and annuals in the gardens. no weeding, no grass cutting, no lifting. imagine at the age of 17 making $20+ an hour 10 yrs ago! kids in our neighborhood have parents who make quite a bit in the information technology field and are used to having whatever they want without having to work for it. therein lies some of the problem.