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Monday, October 17, 2016

On This Day

The key to happiness
is letting each situation
be what it is

instead of what you think it should be..

Mandy Hale

This image
taken last year
and soon
once again
will be a reality
as I look out my window.....

Safe travel wishes to those in family
leaving for Spain and Houston.

Special thoughts to son in Thailand
who recently lost a best friend.
Special friend's suffering now over....


Judy said...

I do love colored glass in a window!!!
and that quote is right on!

Nan said...

That is quite an amazing photo on your blog header. Very artistic! I'm so sorry about your boy's friend.

Tabor said...

Another lovely autumn in the woods by your house. Safe travels to all of your busy children.

Marcie said...

So nice to come by and read a beautiful thought. That quote really makes sense to me right now!

So sorry to hear of your son's friend.

Harold/AQ said...

Great quote. Thank you for sharing it.