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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Checking In

So happy
as it seems
Fall has finally arrived.

This week received results from MRI
seems complete tear of the rotator cuff
with retraction of ligaments.
So this explains why so much pain in shoulders and neck.
Could be it just wore out.  This one never learned to not do things
that really were too difficult for her.
This and bad fall 4 weeks ago might have finished the rotator cuff....

It is what it is and no option for surgery at this stage of life.
Told really painful and long recovery.
Home therapy helps tremendously
and will just do all I can do and know to do and go onward with life....

Weary of sharing this and will stop :)

Family arriving tomorrow for visit and special oldest daughter with me
for most of the week.   Everyday plans and looking forward to the outings.
A 4 layer Carrot Cake and Pumpkin Roll is waiting for them if they want to sample.
Seems baking may be over with such a useless right arm at this time.
Always believed in miracles and maybe I can still eventually bake.

I did not need computer problems, but it happened.
Computer down and all most lost it with Verizon.
First two technical assistants just left me, not knowing what to do.
then finally late yesterday and I had vowed to wait a few more days but the problem solved by a young woman who
had me back on line in 45 minutes.

Made this one realize how important the computer has become to me.

So Welcome Fall.....

Chicken soup in the crockpot will taste so good - soon.


Rebecca said...

Well, now you know...
Happy to hear you have family to surround you & that therapy will continue.
Cool weather - a relief.
And NO one needs computer problems. Ever.
(Wish I lived close enough to sample those sweets!)

Tabor said...

The fact that no one knew how to fix that computer tells you what a novice everyone is on this. We do depend on them for so much and then when we cannot communicate we are ona lost island. Glad they fixed it and hope they can prevent future issues. I am so sorry for the rotator cuff problem and certainly hope some healing will come about. Why not? You are healthy in your approach and acceptance, so this may just be a bump in the road.

Mitzi said...

I don't mind that you share your health concerns with us. I think of you as a friend and of course worry about you.
So happy your daughter is coming to visit. My youngest is here for a couple days and she is always such a treat to have around.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Glad your computer was fixed. We are lost without them that's for sure.

I will pray for your therapy to help with your rotator cuff pain and healing.

Enjoy your week with family. I love your header photo.

Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

Sky said...

I am so very sorry to read this. Yes, the rotator cuff surgery involves a horribly painful recovery with a very long recovery period over many months including a lot of physical therapy which in itself is very painful. This is true for even those who are younger and remarkably physically fit. We have a friend who is very active and an internist by profession who went through this surgery and recovery early this year. It was a difficult ordeal for her despite her history of being very physically active and fit and a star in competitive sport challenges.

My father and my aunt both tore their rotator cuffs and were told surgery was not an option. Neither regained normal range of motion of the affected shoulder/arm, and both were unable to raise the arm properly. The pain they experienced when the injury occurred did seem to fade somewhat, but the change in the range of motion affected activities of which I am sure you have personal knowledge. This created annoyance and frustration for them both. I hope you will stop pushing yourself beyond what is reasonable and SAFE so you don't do the same thing to the other shoulder/arm. Be kind to yourself and heed the advice of those who are providing healthcare and your family and friends who love you.

Do you know why you are falling? Do you have a bedroom downstairs? I would be concerned about navigating the steps, especially if balance is an issue.

I think you are going to have to sit down and give yourself a stern talking-to. It is time to let go of your stubborn nature and be practical and reasonable in approaching the days ahead. No point in colluding with the aging process and making the life you have left here miserable by compromising your health more than aging itself is doing on its own! (This is true for all of us.) These words come from someone who cares about you, and the tone is firm because your noggin is hard! :)

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Thanks to everyone for the comments...
and Sky
you make me smile, seems you know me well.
Doing everything suggested
always an active one and difficult to learn to slow down.
So - the falling
just move too fast...
and yes I talk to myself all the time.
Now some help, but he has been on a 2 week vacation
and the other one started a seasonal job.
I just like things tidy, like doing it myself
up at 5:00 and now 11:00 - I need to stop...

Marcie said...

So glad for the update! Sending healing energy for the shoulder.

Judy said...

When we get to "this stage" of life, because we have always done it all, it makes us feel lazy because we can anymore. I have to take all my meds after 9:00 pm or they give me dizzy spells and throw my balance off. I'm glad for the info that rotator cuff surgery is so painful--that is one I will never have, no matter what! So far so good in that department, hip replacement helped with that pain and now, just neck pain and lower back pain. Ah--this aging is soooo much fun!! (At least we are still on the topside of the sod!) :-)

kerrdelune said...

Sending healing energies, my friend, and I promise to be a better communicant when I sort out chemotherapy sessions, all the pills and injections.

Pienosole said...

Sending warm greetings to you today! :-)

Sallysmom said...

Hope your visit with your daughter is going well.