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Friday, July 8, 2016

Storms, Bugs, Heat and the Way it is

The last 3 days, torrential rains, strong winds and a lot to tidy.   Small clearing around cottage is surrounded by limbs, branches and limbs hanging from trees.
Twice had no current but that is not new in this rural area.
Just came inside was going to try with cane in hand to dead head a few plants.  Insects covering
every plant and soon felt something crawling on my back, so I head back inside to change
my blouse and not going back outside.
Before I did this heard something like a large bang and thought someone is using a rifle
then noticed a large branch falling from a tree.

Everything lush, green and growing wild from sun, heat and rain,
Have put in several calls for help and it will happen. now I need patience.
A blessing that down the road roof work being done and after contacting that neighbor
the roofers pulled in late yesterday and with ladders emptied the down spouts filled with leaves.
Such nice young men and the owner looked so young and handsome, thought he looked like
he was in his 20,s, he said thank you "I am in the 40's."

Have heard many people complain of the gutter guards and he installs the screens, so a
price will soon be given me.   In almost 60 years of owning homes have never done this
always family or someone near would clean gutters.   Now living by the woods with leaves
constantly falling 9 months out of the year guess it is time to have something on the gutters.

An errand and as I pulled down the road my normal way - I had to back up to my drive
as neighbors field had turned into a lake and water covering the road.  I was hesitant about
driving through the flowing water that looked about 10 inches high.  Took the opposite and longer
way for trip to town.

I am like a broken record with my sharing as I look around the surroundings which were always
almost perfect.   Now cannot weed, use a hoe, ride the lawn tractor and spread weed killer.
Was doing all of this 2 years ago and trying to accept and not doing well at accepting.
Truly never thought this would happen, always considered reasonably intelligent
and I must not be.

Over and over the thoughts of living somewhere with less responsibility surface.
Following my heart and will just have to have help like never before and realistically
that is less expensive then selling, relocating and not liking my surroundings.

I have to have nature
looking out every window,
have to see plants, birds and critters that come to visit.
Everything  may be closer to this cottage then I planned.

Whats important to this one
nature, garden, my books, computer, my yoga mat, meditation. prayer,
simple healthy meals, visits from family
and guess that is it...

Next week several appointments for consultation on results of blood work done
told everything normal and this almost sounds like a contradiction of the way I
am at this time.  May just be aging but my mind thinks like 20 years ago.


Sallysmom said...

I don't know your financial situation but wondered if you can get someone in a few mornings of the week. I do know that finding someone might be a problem where you live but wonder if a local preacher might know someone who would work a few hours a day several times a week? Just a thought.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Sallysmom, I am doing that now. Yard man, 3 hours a week and girl inside 2 hours a week. Difficult to put contour sheets on :)

Wisewebwoman said...

Sallymom and you read my mind, was going to suggest same. I have my Leo and now Tony is doing the wood as he finds it "interesting" and won't charge me. But I still plan to try and move as I don't want to fall apart (mentally, emotionally) with winter here. My stress level is too bad for winter and the house seems huge then.

I read between the lines of your post and know how you love you paradise. I do hope you sustain as long as you want and will be ready when the time comes to look at other opportunities.



My Journey To Mindfulness said...

WWW, yes I think you know me well and we have never met.
Thinking continually and at the moment do not know what to do.
Do not think I could stand another move
but may have too.
All in my past stayed in their homes until the end.
So many thoughts and prayers for wisdom.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear ((((((Ernestine)))))) ~ Bless your heart! I too have thought about moving recently, but in reality it is not happening, at least not at this moment. My little place is paid for and for what I have I wouldn't be able to replace it for the amount of $ we have into it.

The work for me has grown since losing my dear husband, but I really love my little place and am thankful for it at this time in my life.

I'm glad you do have help. Keep enjoying your lovely home and property. It gives you peace.

Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

Marcie said...

Your little list of what matters (nature, yoga, meditation, family visits, etc.) sounds EXACTLY like mine. I think having an understanding of what really matters to oneself is important. You are where you should be for now. We can only really live one day at a time.

joared said...

I can appreciate your desire to remain living in your home. Certainly is important to have ready access to help when needed. My body's age and the younger age I am in my mind are not congruent, but I'm soon made aware of that when I tire before I've finished -- sometimes before I start, just thinking about the job! I sometimes wonder if I should consider moving, but not always an easy decision.