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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Nashville Sure is Changing

Early morning drive to the big city - like 6:45 am
really did not know if I could do it.
I did and hardly know the city I was a part of for many years

Construction on every corner, did not recognize where I was to turn off
and finally found my way back to main road

Tooth removed and this doctor a dream, so kind, no pain, has stitches
and after reading side affects of antibiotic I do not want to take.

One of my younger granddaughters, with her mom, my Jamie
met me at the oral surgeon,   Caitlin came back to the country with me
and we picked up her best friend on the way.

They are taking a nap :) and thought arises will they sleep tonight
this one will be in bed by 7:00, very tired and they may be up all night :)

So nice to have them here with me and they will return home tomorrow.
The best friend's family recently purchased a home about 10 minutes from me
and Shelby's mom who works in the big city
 will take my granddaughter back to Nashville.

So all is well, finally on computer and Callie is at my feet

two pretty girls
drinking root beer floats :)

I look at this image of Caitlin
and see her mother.
Asked about the curls
and she said
"just washed and let it dry naturally"
this is what Jamie did.

Wish my daughter's who all have beautiful hair
would not straighten and let the curls appear :)


Marcie said...

Sounds like a nice day, despite the oral surgery. Isn't it wonderful how the presence of loved ones can change a difficult day into a pleasant time?

Sky said...

Ernestine, take your antibiotic. Issues in the jawbone and teeth/gums can end up creating heart inflammation and infection. This can be very serious and will always result in hospitalization. The person I personally know who faced this was hospitalized for over a month. There are reasons why antibiotics are prescribed post surgery, and you do not need to court more problems! Call dentist and ask him to consult with your gastroenterologist if you have concerns. But don't sit there ignoring medical advice!

Judy said...

You must take your antibiotic!!! They have to list every teeny little, "might be" side effect to prevent lawsuits. You won't have any of them, except perhaps a yeast infection. Eat lots of yogurt while taking them. Because of my hip surgery, to prevent any infection going to new hip joints, I HAVE to take 4 antibiotic pills before ANY dental work. Infection can get into the blood stream and cause lots of problems elsewhere in the body.

BTW--I would have been scared to pieces having to drive into the Big City!! I don't do expressway or big city driving very well anymore--panic attacks want to occur!

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Marcie, Sky and Judy,
you are so right and I pushed myself too hard yesterday, but then a lifetime
of doing this. Girls have left and I am cooking cabbage, carrots, onions, celery
and polish sausage, making corn bread - need something healthy to eat, had products on hand and it is soft. I always pay for what I do. Taking antibiotic :)

Nan said...

I heard a show on the radio lately and a man called in from Nashville saying he could not afford to live there. I love the picture of the girls.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Nan, I moved from there 8 years ago and still reasonable
and lived there when Jamie was born - resonable
but not now
everything is booming
almost like N.Y and Atlanta
wonder how long this will go on.
So many from California and abroad moving there
because it was reasonable
has boosted all prices up...

Nan said...

This is happening in lots of cities these days. The show said that people come for the jobs but then can't afford the homes/apartments.