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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Just Keep Moving

Albert Einstein said

"Life is like a bicycle
to keep your balance
you must keep moving"

So true for this one.
Another day with therapy
and wish I could have these treatments forever.
Victor is so kind, encouraging and interesting.
He listens to me
as it seems
I talk continually with my treatment.

Wonder why as I am not usually a big talker.
Share about my children, grandchildren
and much about my past.

He tells me I have lived an interesting life,
a good story teller and talented.

Oh my, take none of this to heart
but do know when I leave his office
this one feels so good for 4 hours
and walk almost perfectly, he watches me
and replies you are doing good
keep moving.

So enough shared at the end of day.
Appointment in the morning and it has been a busy week
and I am very weary.

Just checking in
and wonder why all of you young ones respond
to all that is happening to this one
who is not exactly the way she was.
But then life goes on
and this is our future.

Just ordered Mary Oliver's new book
and can hardly wait for the arrival

have a wonderful weekend.
All in this family
young and old
are all very busy....
Trips, camps,
new exciting things in store
and mama/aka grandma
is proud of all in this family
and love their sharing with me.


Sallysmom said...
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Sallysmom said...

So glad the treatments help. Have a good weekend.

Wisewebwoman said...

Do uplifting to read your positive words.

Tabor said...

Can you mimic any of the treatments at home? So glad it makes you feel so much better. Yes, all we can ask of our loved ones is that they share with us their adventures.

Sky said...

PT has always been so helpful to me, too. Your doc can extend the prescription for PT - ask for it! Glad you seem to have a little spark again.

Rebecca said...

You HAVE lived - and ARE LIVING - an interesting life!
You ARE a good story teller and talented.
Just keep moving! Don't look back; look forward. ♥

Marcie said...

There is something that shines through the way you tell your stories. I love that you are a peace-seeker, striving for balance. We can all learn from that.

Judy said...

How in the world did we two active, busy with children, hobbies, social activities, women come to this stage where we are so happy for just a couple of hours of less or no pain when we move? Mr. Arthur Itis is a nasty partner--wish we could divorce him!!! Ever forward--just keep moving!

Nan said...

Not very 'young one' -am 68 and I can hardly believe it!

Pienosole said...

Yes! Sending warm wishes and hugs to you.