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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Once again the Sun is shining...

Sunny, warmer days have returned and so welcome

Before daybreak I mixed up batter for Molasses cookies and what I like about this new recipe
is you put it all together, kitchen a mess and then put the bowl of batter in refrigerator to
chill.   Will bake after lunch and they usually make almos 4 dozen.
 This done, kitchen tidied and prepared breakfast, finally a more normal one then the
yogurt, banana, green tea and some apples sauce.

An avid tea drinker, probably 3 times a day.   Like my pretty tea cups, not a mug kind of person
but seems I need more then one of these small cups to satisfy me and tea does not stay warm long.
Discovered this new tea cup with a cover - oh my - how wonderful as with cover being taken
on and off my tea stays warm for almost an hour - now my favorite cup...
Another busy day
guess they are all busy
but I smile
as I am blowing leaves of terrace early this morning
it looks like
my turnip greens have returned :)

and the woods have returned to their show - so beautiful...

Wherever you are
have a good day.....


Tabor said...

My Cosmos seedlings are emerging and my clematis is putting out two new blooms. These plants are super confused. Warmer weather all week with just a little rain. I must get one of those cups as I hate both cold coffee and cold tea!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor, I love this cup
ordered from Amazon
and may order another cover
since my daughter's would like when they visit
and can take if the like
My son has some cups I bought him at an Asian store years ago
I like them but strange I cannot drink from them as
memories how much I miss him come to to the surface.

Tabor said...

Memories, a painful thought. I do understand. Such a sweet love. I will check my email and thank you.

Wisewebwoman said...

The teacup and the trees. A perfect feast for my eye today.

Glad you found a covered cup. I was given a mug heater that plugged into the USB port on my computer and I'll be danged if I can find it. It kept my coffee hot forever.


Pienosole said...

It is great to see the sun again, isn't it? I too love hot tea and those cups with the covers. Wishing you a beautiful day! :-)

Sky said...

I love my cup which is similar to yours and for the same reason! Now I will think of you when I use mine. :) I am so envious of the sunshine you have seen there. We have had so many days of rain resulting in flooding for low areas near rivers. Our home is atop higher elevation, thankfully, but these dreary days are frustrating, and the damp, chilly air keeps me asthmatic and in pain. :(

Friko said...

I think my life and yours have a lot in common. I too enjoy pottering in kitchen and garden and even November cannot dampen the spirit this year because we are finally out of the depths of physical illness.

Evenings of peace and tranquility are coming and where would we be without the 'cup that cheers’?

Thank you for your good wishes.

joared said...

Like the cup with lid! Lovely photo of the woods around you. We're delighted here in So Cal to have clouds hiding the sun for a change and actually getting a little rain, snow in the mountains.

Sandra said...

Your cup with the lid is perfect! I have one too and take it with me everywhere when I need a hot drink! I think you enjoy baking very much, there's always something yummy happening in your home!