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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Process and I did it....

Difficulty with the weight of this frozen turkey
and just carried on.
Put a chair by fridge to put 1/2 frozen turkey on and slid chair to sink and was able to lift it.
Running water over it for about 30 minutes to somewhat thaw, patted dry, put in pan
and covered with my herbs and now back in fridge until cooking time at 7:30 in the morning.
Pecan pie with added chocolate chips for my Jamie, is done...
Dressing of dried corn bread, old bread and biscuits in covered bowl ready to be mixed tomorrow
with broth and my Sage.
Pumpkin pie will make this afternoon and kitchen floor is a mess.

I do not say this lightly
but with all I have experienced for months
"I am proud of myself."
girls wanted to bring everything and I said "no."

Someone asked me
"why do you continue to do this?"
and I replied so my children and especially grandchildren
have special memories and
remember coming to mama's and grandma's home  on Thanksgiving, Christmas,
special occasions,
 birthdays and home made meals she prepared...

Girls are bring a dish to add to what I have prepared...

Blessings continue
and crew arrived yesterday to clean all leaves around this cottage by the woods
also cleaned gutters and so pleased
as rain arriving for days later in the week.

I am thankful for so much
and could fill pages with the list

All who check in
and read my rambling...



FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Happy Thanksgiving dear Ernestine. Have a great time with your family.


Rebecca said...

Happy Thanksgiving to YOU!
I can sense your happiness is "doing".
I know everyone will be blessed by time spent together.
(Your pies sound delicious, and I would love a taste of your cornbread stuffing!)

Sallysmom said...

Hope your Thanksgiving day is wondeful.

Judy said...

I remember cooking all day Wednesday for the feast on Thursday.
I could still do it now, but guess I am not needed.

lil red hen said...

God bless you Ernestine; my grandma used to say, "Where there's a will, there's a way." Preparing some things ahead of time takes so much stress out of the main day; I do that too. We've had most of our family here today, the farm chores are finished,and I'm so tired, and ready to pick up the crochet work and relax this evening.