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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Big City

Friday I met my daughter Beth half way to the big city.  Helped me as it is increasingly very tiring
for me to make the trip into Nashville and back to the country on my own (can do it - but this is better.)   I drove as I go a special way and my children drive the interstate - which I do not like.      We went onward and was able to make
quick stops along the way.   First the bakery I like and bought Sour Dough and Tuscan bread.  Had them slice, double wrap and will put some in freezer.   I eat very little bread except if something like this on hand and brings back memories of years ago when I made sour dough bread

Next stop the Army Surplus store, have been stopping at this store for many years for some quality
items that I do not see in store.   Inside this home I go barefoot most of the time, this time of year my feet
stay cold and wanted some  really  warm socks with the little things on the bottom to keep me from slipping
on finished floor,  I found some, nice and thick, reasonable price, all I have seen in stores
have been so thin.  Also bought another pair of long underwear :)  seems with cold weather
arriving these are great (now never in the past with all of my pretty gowns on hand :)

Next stop wanted to make a quick trip into Trader Joe's,  A few different items purchased
and they have the best price on Manuka Honey from New Zealand.   I read about this honey
several years ago and it is suppose to heal everything imaginable plus be so good for you
Less expensive at T.J's then Amazon.  Still pricey at $10,99 for 8 ounce jar, but if it does
what it says it is suppose to do - this one may have some quality years left on this planet.
Also, I like good cheese and they carry some that is not at my local market.

Next on to  the a special new restaurant that Beth and G/G like.  Now it is  only a little bigger then my
bedroom, very small and Asian food.   A line outside, so knew it must be special and in about 8 minutes we found a table.    I  usually like this type of food but after arriving home
after this  birthday meal with my Beth - I was sick all night... and still not quite normal.

I do so well with my food, love to cook, and really like my food the best :)  but my Beth I wanted to spend time with her on her
birthday and this was choice for her birthday meal.

So onward home, very tired, drinking an Ensure as I traveled down the road to my special
place by the woods.

Saturday - I made chicken soup, chopped chicken breast, carrot, onion, celery, very small potato,  parsnip and
chicken broth, always remember my Laurie's motherinlaw makes the best chicken soup
with her homemade Matzo balls    I have tried to make them but not successful.    An addition
of a small can of chicken broth with 3 Matzo balls (so good and pleased I discovered this product
a few years ago.)  Also an addition of a very small handful of pasta.   Special warming my
sour dough bread and dipped in olive oil....

Soup so good, yesterday, today (Sunday) also tomorrow and freeze a carton.

A damp, cloudy and sprinkling rainy day.   This has been a good day to sit still (but still did a lot)
and read N.Y. Times, drink coconut water, discovered a new one with an addition
of pineapple - so good, some yogurt to try and settle what is going on in my system.

Enough shared :)


Sky said...

IBS can be triggered by a variety of things, as you know. The anxiety of driving into the city while handling a busy schedule, even if it is self designed, may have contributed. Hope you are feeling better soon. The soup sounds soothing and delicious!

Wisewebwoman said...

I do hope you feel well again, as Sky sez it could be IBS, mine is triggered by hidden corn or its byproducts which are used in so many restaurants.

Your own food sounds so very good. Glad you got some treats for yourself and having them wrap it was brilliant :)

I hate long drives at night. Mainly because of moose on the roads here and lack of cell phone service. And oh yes, potholes :(


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

WWW, Moose on the road - oh my, since I bring bread home from this bakery several
times a year always have them double wrap for freezing :) Call this what ever you want but up in the middle of the night sick at my stomach. In the soup - Octopus
and quail eggs, ugh.. You take care.
Sky, :)

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I sure hope you are feeling better today dear Ernestine, especially after eating your delicious, healthy chicken soup yesterday.

Thanks for the heads up on the Manuka honey from NZ. I've been wanting to try that, so now have an excuse to head out to Trader Joe's again.

Happy November dear heart ~ FlowerLady

Tabor said...

Glad your daughter can provide the support that is needed as we age. She is a good girl and probably does not realize how very important her time is to you. You always eat very well and are such a good cook. I get ideas from your posts on food. Last night has a homemade butternut squash soup with curry, ginger, a bit of cream and bacon bits on top. It was very good and everyone liked it. Followed by lettuce, celery, pear and pomegranate salad and spaghetti with a sausage tomato sauce.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor, your soup sounds similar to what I make and I have 2 small butternut in my basket (whenever I see a small I buy since makes less soup)
I still have this attack of collitus going on - trying to not get discouraged
as this is a 20 year problem and when I contact doctor - it is prednisone.
Trying to find some alternatives and guess this is a search I continue
because I believe it is out there.
Thank you so much for your kindness and online support...
Lorraine - thank you...

Anvilcloud said...

Sounds like a full day. Like you, I also like to take the backroads. Unlike you, I have to wear socks all of the time. Sometimes I resort to double socks in winter.