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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Peace and A Way to Achieve

A beautiful cool and sunny day, for an hour this morning  I dropped everything and sat on the deck in the wonderful
warm sunshine - something I rarely do and fell asleep.

After my late meal at 2:00 I find that sometimes very bad pain of arthur surfaces in my neck and shoulders.
After taking a 100 mg Celebrex tablet in 30 minutes almost total relief for 8 hours.
Now this is a miracle pill for me ( that my Beth told me about ) started about 3 weeks ago.   Take about twice a week
and that is excellent so much better then the dreaded Prednison that I was on daily in various doses
for 8 years - never again - it took me a year to wean myself off of it...

In late afternoon I usually sit in a chair facing front fields.  Not long ago took one chair
and faced it looking out back, with a view of trees and the woods.
I find this a peaceful view

There are many memories in this ancient ones mind.   Many wonderful memories and at times memories you want to forget
and cannot delete, they surface and I have found a wonderful way to make them go away.
I focus on a pictures taken years ago that brought me joy.  At night I focus in my mind.

This is one of two of my older grandchildren.   Jessica now a teacher in New York and Gavin
now working in Washington, DC.

I love this picture
Pure happiness and innocence...


kerrdelune said...

Hope you are well, Ernestine, and enjoying summer in your part of the world. I keep meaning to come here for a nice long visit, but things are somewhat turbulent here at present. My husband was diagnosed with another (and secondary) form of cancer, and this one is inoperable so we are doing aggressive chemo therapy to try and control the spread of the tumors. Please do know that I am thinking of you though, and fondly.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Cate, thank you so much for checking in.
I am so sorry about your husband and will remember in prayer.
You are so special and I never fail to learn from your sharing.
Today I ordered 2 books of poetry from one you shared this day.

Also ordered some magnets from your site to share with my family:)

"The Universe is made of music. Be still for a moment and Listen"

Marcie said...

Lovely peaceful post. I like your method for moving away from difficult memories by focusing on joyful moments instead.

Judy said...

I am sure it is so peaceful at your home.
No traffic noises, no slamming of neighbor's car doors.
Bird song, bees buzz and hummingbird whirl as they pass by.
All is well in God's world and in yours.

lil red hen said...

Now isn't it lovely to sit on the porch in the early morning! I'd love that!''''
I'm so glad you've found something to ease your pain.
For some reason, your posts aren't coming in on my reading list these days, but I find you through Judy's blog, so I'll keep in touch.

Rebecca said...

Glad to hear you're finding relief from that pain.
I am delighted for a glimpse into your sweet home. Your description of the view(s) out your windows calms me.
...thinking I need to find me a visual focus...

Sallysmom said...

I love your kitchen. I bet it is so much fun to cook in it.

Anvilcloud said...

I do 2 Celebrex @ 200mg twice a day. That's the maximum safe dosage according to my doctor.

Tabor said...

At our age the memories are so painfully beautiful. I never expected that when I was busy filling my days and making memories. So glad the new medicine is working and it is wonderful to have a nurse in the family. Your home is stunning and such a pleasant place.

Nancy said...

It's so nice to meet you. I love your 'calm' and serene attitude which is my goal......I am sorry that you are in pain but so glad that you have something that will offer you some relief......I look forward to browsing your blog and finding more wisdom....

thewiildmagnola said...

I think this post super wonderful. A very good idea about the power of thoughts and focus.

Thank you for sharing!

Pienosole said...

Happy to read that you've found relief for the pain. Wishing you a joyful and pain-free day. :-)

Yellow Shoes said...

So that's where your kitchen is! I have a pretty clear idea of your cottage layout but never could get where you did your cooking - now I see its looking out over your garden. Its a lovely peaceful room full of interesting things. xx

joared said...

Glad you were able to get off Prenisone and have found pain relief otherwise. Enjoying a peaceful summer afternoon outdoors is a special pleasure.