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Friday, August 14, 2015

Mystery Solved and Compliment

This morning went upstairs to the loft and thought I saw a leaf on the carpet, it was a baby bird, picked it up in a cloth and took outside, just checked it is no where in sight and hopefully is alright.

Checked Google and it is a immature male hummingbird.
Never have spotted this hummingbird with a green back in the past. In my home a tiny bird with a long beak, knew it was a hummingbird but never had seen one with a green back.     Now I know what it is..

Sarah, my granddaughter who is a chef just called and requested the recipe for the cornbread
I have been making for over 55 years :)  Pleased me because she is involved in preparing such
upscale food at one of Nashville's top restaurants.

Almost 3 weeks of pure H.... and finally have a WiFi connection, told it has been on the market not
quite a year - think I am finally accustom to it and it is working fine :)  Hopefully this continues
and when new computer arrives in the future, hopefully no problem...

Also phone problems, learning new system and so much going on that I had difficulty
handling.    I was successful but hopefully I have learned that there are things that I need
to have more help handling so I do not become in the shape that I have been for over
3 weeks.

Enough said
and thanks to everyone that checked on me, you are like family.   I needed those helpful thoughts.   Will share more in the future as I continue to learn a new way....


Sandra said...

How amazing to have discovered that hummingbird in your loft. I hope it will be alright. They're such fascinating birds.
What a compliment to be asked for your cornbread recipe! I've never eaten cornbread, I don't think it's made over here.

Sallysmom said...

So very good to see you back.

Pienosole said...

Brava!!! Great to see you back :-)!

Rebecca said...

What an incredible age to live in! Long ago I gave up trying to KEEP up. My technological needs are few - but I DO need to be able to hook up to it :)

Kudos on your cornbread recipe. It must be a good one!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

How sweet that you found and set free that little hummingbird.

A techie I am NOT, that was my husband's domain. I have my desk top and my lap top and that's it. No cell phone, much less a smart phone or an ipad.

Congrats on your cornbread recipe being made by your chef granddaughter for the known restaurant that she works in. That must make you feel GREAT. My mouth just started watering thinking about nice hot cornbread slathered in butter.

Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

PatK said...

Welcome back. You provide my moment of calm each day. Having been through similar technical issues myself I know how frustrated and powerless one feels. If things in the house break I can usually patch them up or feel confident that someone else will be able to do so all the while explaining to me what they are doing so that I can do it myself the next time. But with computers......!!!!!!

AnnaDe said...

Truly love your blog! Thanks for sharing your interesting life. It really resonates with me, a 70-year old lady. Would you be willing to share your cornbread recipe?

Wisewebwoman said...

I still make your cornbread :) Not much on blogging or reading blogs at the moment, I am distracted with a friend's illness.

Delighted you are armed and dangerous again with your new internet. LOL

lejmom said...

so glad you are back---lots of us missed you!

Judy said...

How did he get into your house?

Marcie said...

Glad to see you back!

MsGraysea said...

So happy you are on the way back, Ernestine. I've missed you! I, too, wonder how the bird got in the house!

Also, I am also a lover of your cornbread recipe!

Tabor said...

You may want to hire a young person that your trust to help you with the new computer. They have changed much and with drivers to printers and all you may need help. We had a hummingbird in the garage that refused to leave before we left on our trip. Hubby caught it with a dip net and set it outside. It is a wonder they survive at all!

Beverly said...

How did the hummingbird get inside? That is amazing.... I think your granddaughter is a smart chef, to want your recipe. She knows yumminess when she tastes it!!!! Glad your are getting your computer problems straightened out... Love to you!

Ruth's Waterview said...

Hi Ernestine! So glad you're back! Thank you for persisting to solve computer issues. You are an inspiration in so many ways. Ruth M.