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Friday, September 26, 2014

She Said

Yes, the cashier said  "you did good"
Morning errands and a stop a Lowe's
in my pocket a coupon that if I spent $50
I would get $10 off :)
So there were a few things I needed
and purchased a few items I was thinking of.

5 bags of River Gravel to put around the burning pit
and maybe it will eliminate the grass that constantly
grows between concrete stepping stones.
Less expensive then pouring concrete
like originally planned.
Notice that my high school helper
sure did make a perfect circle...
When my little girls visit
now that Fall has arrived
we will cook marshmallows..

It seems whenever I plant tulips that the squirrels eat them
and they do not last long.
Planning on planting some in pots this year.
So purchased yellow and red tulips and some purple crocus.

Bought some stick on hooks for closet and kitchen,
a garden spray that is the good kind and hopefully will eliminate
some of the pest on my much loved turnip greens.
Then I spotted something I had not seen before for my garage opener
that is now squeaking.  I had read "do not use silicone" and this was not silicone.

I was adding in my head my purchases and spotted a Wood Wash by Liquid Gold.
Their polish is used on the old old furniture and might try this.

The thought arises that I have probably spent $49.98 and coupon not good.

Surprise, it rang us $50.49 and the young woman smiled and said " you did good"
and I smiled also.

So now lunchtime
made tuna salad yesterday and will finish today.
Bought some fresh red and green lettuce and oh how I wish they would not saturate
it with water.   Even after spinning and drying it deteriates fast and I do not eat a lot
of lettuce.  Bought a small tomato and I do not like to buy tomato's as I never have
as they were always growing and I was sharing.   I surely miss my small garden and
vow next year no matter how I feel a small garden will be planted.....

Enough shared of my early morning visit to the local city
yesterday morning.

I am so sorry if what I shared yesterday upset anyone.
I do not discuss a lot of issues
but found this interesting and felt so sorry for this young man.


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

I did not want to cause any problems. But now I see, that my comment has. I have caused you a problem. Because you felt you had to mention this, in this post.

Everyone can post whatever they wish, on their blog.

Not everyone should comment, what they wish, on the blogs of others.

I ignored this. I commented, my views, on your blog. No! I should not have done so. If I want to say my views, I should only say them, on _my_ blog.

Please forgive my mistake.

Please continue to post whatever you choose, on your blog. Please. Please. Please.

Again, please forgive my

Gentle hugs, Tessa~

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

You did do good! :)

Balisha said...

Hi Ernestine....Hope your comments are working.

You have nothing to apologize for. You simply told about something that interested you. The two comments (one was mine) were merely different opinions. Don't let this bother you at all....blogs get serious sometimes and I guess we should hold back on our comments a little bit. Sorry if my part made you unhappy.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

My Jamie, thank you
and special friend Balisha
you in no way upset me
Wish I was not so sensitive and seem more so lately.
I write from the heart and it is the only way to write and I could share no other way or I would not be me.
So pleased my comments are coming through - thought I had a problem
with blogger :)

Wisewebwoman said...

Love your shopping spree. You remind me to get hooks for my kitchen and a small board so I can hang my tools properly and not stuff them in a red basket and have them all fall out when I extract the tongs. Now I made you laugh, right?


Judy said...

I checked out the Tolstoy thingie for Day 4 and thought it interesting. In fact, my friend and I were just discussing this very thing the other day. How death is so, very far away from our minds when we are young--even into our sixties and how it is discussed a lot now that we are in our seventies and nearing it's time. I have no fear of death. I do fear dying however--do not want to be in Hopsice and in a morphined coma. Of course, we all want to die in our sleep--all neat and tidy. My mother used to say, "I would rather believe in God and die and find out He doesn't exist, than to not believe and die and find out He does. By believing I have not missed out on anything, by not believing, I may miss out on eternity in Heaven." I have been with a few dying people and have seen the great difference in the manner believers and non-believers pass. I'll just keep on believing :-) By the way--I am so glad you hired that young man to help you. His fire circle looks wonderful!!!!!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

WWW. your words always make me smile and have a good feeling inside :)
Judy, we believe the same and my school boy, a senior who wants to work is doing so good.
After school for 2 hours every other week - sure is a big help.
Thankful for him...