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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mornings With Tolstoy

Something that I am reading
my daughter sent to me
it speaks to me
and maybe you

After reading who this is coming from
I have nothing ever to complain about....

I read day 1, day 2 and day 3
pull them up
if you like....

I was reminded of Tolstoy
after reading these words and was going to order
the book
"A Calendar of Wisdom"
from Amazon

and then remembered:)  it is on my bookshelf

My book dated
almost 10 years ago
and time to read these meaningful daily thoughts once again....

Like most of my books
it is underlined on many pages.


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...
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Balisha said...

I just finished reading this and find that it is something that our family has just gone through. I have been with several loved ones at the end of their lives...and feel that the comatose person hears things going on around them. An example is a young boy...son of a dear a coma..."heard his Dad say, "If you come out of this, I will buy you a boat." The youngster was in the coma for a long time, but when he awoke...he asked his dad when he was getting his boat.

We experienced this just this past week. A dear relative, after brain surgery, was in a coma. The room was often filled with relatives. The noise from talking made her get agitated. I thought, while visiting, that she should have some calmness. Music.... someone reading to her etc.
She passed away, when everyone was out of her room.

I have very different views than Tessa. I believe strongly in an afterlife. Since the death of my son, last year, I believe even more strongly. I suppose that I want an afterlife, so that we can be reunited.For me, the clear answer is yes. As a believer, I can serenely face death , looking forward to the promise of God.

As my husband often says,"I would rather live like Heaven does exist.... than to die, find out that it does and then suffer the consequences."

This is all very deep...for this early in the morning. We all believe one way or another....Life goes on and we have to learn to deal with life and death as best we can. Believing gives me peace.

Balisha said...

Almost forgot....Thank you, Ernestine for the book recommendation. I always look for a "new" book to start the new year with. I enjoy reading little snippets of kindness and spirituality everyday...and this one will give me that each day of 2015.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tessa, Judy and Balisha,
I surely did not mean to upset anyone..I read a lot about a lot
and found this interesting. My daughter forwarded to me.
I do know I no longer think like I did years ago. Really know
little about anything but continue each day with prayer and faith
and someday hopefully will know more then I do now...