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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Life On The Country Road

A few images from the garden
and I might add that this one never wanted much pink
but seems to have it in abundance...
Nothing new
everything growing.
Day lilies in full bloom and in all their glory
Crepe Myrtles beginning to bloom.
Soon Hydrangea and Cosmos will bloom.

Driving down the winding country road to town
everything is a luscious green because of all the rain.
Corn looks like it is close to 10 feet tall
This image taken 3 or 4 years ago and corn much higher at this time...
Soybeans and
tobacco look so healthy and green, wheat fields look like stubble in the fields where they have been cut and late soybeans have been planted and are beginning to emerge.

Life at the cottage continues at a slower pace but really not much slower but seems
like it is to me as I do not accomplish quite as much.   Miss using the lawn tractor and even
have thoughts of buying another one that is automatic
but when this thought arises  I put in "maybe not a good idea."
Young man comes every 2 weeks and cuts lawn surrounding this cottage
and I really want to do it myself :)

A/C acted up earlier in the week.  Stopped and it was 90 in this cottage but soon was back on.
Nothing the quality of past years and problems with this unit since it was purchased.

Trying to  be on computer less , really nothing new and it is so easy  as time goes by
to just talk about the past and think I have done my share and now trying to not do this.

Humming birds finally looking not so skinny, beetles have returned and do not like it,
miss my vegetable garden but a good idea that I gave it up and will make weekly trips
to Farmers Market for fresh vegetables.

Early this morning a trip to dentist and since I was half way to the big city continued onward.
Needed to replenish a few clothes and my favorite store is  Banana Republic and because
of the 4th of July arriving an excellent sale of all 40% off.
Jamie and family arriving on Sunday, the just married granddaughter is honeymooning in
 Italy - oh my.  Was on my to do list - but never made it :)

Have to share that I now receive the New York Times Sunday paper.   I love it and read over several days.   Must be the best paper in the world.

Quote from Rumni

Run from what is comfortable
Forget safety
Live where you fear to live
I have tried prudent living long enough
From now on I'll be mad....

I smile
because  not this one :)
at present time or ever
and wondered why I found it jotted down among my notes....

Thank you to all who inquired about me.

Much has happened
over a number of weeks
 that sent my emotions on high

A learning experience
and at this late stage of my life
guess I am still learning
and always thought I was a fast learner :)


Tabor said...

We must be thankful to have learning experiences late in life. What a bore if there were no challenges. Although the roller coaster of emotions that comes with it can be so tiring.

Judy said...

Rumni does not speak to me :-) I never have been very adventurous--wish I had corn fields at the edge of my lawn. Glad you are okay.

Sharon said...

Ernestine, so glad to read this update and see all the beautiful pink in your life. You live with nature's bounty at your door ~

Hill Top Post said...

Life looks to be good on your country road, even in pink. I also try to stay away from too much pink, inside and out, but it always finds a way to creep in. I think my little hummers are putting on weight too...must weigh at least a couple of ounces by now! lol

Balisha said...

You are with pink like I am with orange. The new lilies that I ordered (a colorful assortment) are all orange.
Your life where nothing new is happening is interesting to us of your age. I love reading the little bits of life that you write about. Sharing memories on your blog will be something to treasure for your family someday. Please never think you are boring.
Have a nice day today....Happy 4th.

MsGraysea said...

Love all the flowers and the hummingbird....fascinating. I can just imagine how beautifully lush and green everything must be.
The slowing down is just what is called for right now and I wish you peace with it.
I LOVED the Rumi reading as I am pushing against my comfort zone right now with my big move and retirement. Each day I tell myself I will love it, it will be rejuvenating, etc. We shall see. Right now I am very tired from still working and affecting the move at the same time. It will pass.
Happy 4th to you and enjoy your visitors!

Anvilcloud said...

Good for you for getting the hummer sitting. It's nice when they cooperate.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor, Judy, Sharon, CB, Marcia,
Balisha, AC,
thanks for visiting.
So wonderful with cool mornings.
Wonder how long it will last?

Betty Baker said...

Nice photographs. Good job.
Things to do in NYC