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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Time Moving Faster Then I Realized

Just wrote
and will post tonight
continues in the morning

This cottage was being built a little over 3 years ago.
So much thought I gave to it.
I sat with my pad and placed what I was going to keep.
Downscaled, smaller garden and yard
(did not plan on the success of all that has been
planted) gravel drive
and so much thought and planning so I would have less work
and less expense as times goes by.

This morning made the veggie and flower garden smaller.
A young helper helped and I was on the mower for about
45 minutes.

The heat was horrible or probably humidity and I did too much.

Soon after I stopped, the truck pulled in.  It was to do something
that there again I thought was going to be a few hour process.

Wood deck, screen porch and small front porch were power washed
and then again with bleach, also small terrace and walks. 
 Mold covered all this wood and had
to be removed before sealer goes on tomorrow or the next day.
Turning out to be more then a day project and much more costly.

I love my surroundings but the downside is the damp woods and
more rain then normal this year.  This will probably have to be done
again in the future.    Right at the moment there is so much going on
will see what the future brings.

In the meantime all the outdoor furniture from deck, screen porch and
front porch,  plants, rugs, pillows are
sitting on the lawn - which is almost past  mowing because of rain and
grass cutter cut his tire.
Another thought - to think I always cut my grass up to a few years ago.

It really does not matter but I have always done my work, loved doing it
and very neat and organized.   I can remember living at the old
farmhouse in my 40, 50's and part of 60's and every Spring would wash the siding
on a ladder with ammonia, wash my windows on a ladder, take old shutters
down every Spring and clean, even would spread sealer on
concrete drive, brick walk and spread truckloads of mulch.

Sharing a lot with my son lately
and his comments are probably right.

I have become increasingly aware that I can no longer do what I have in the past
and especially since I am suppose to be healing from eye surgery.
 Probably have had expectations of myself  beyond what I can accomplish.
Just seems this happened all of a sudden and then maybe it has not
It has been  progressing slowly and I have not recognized it.
Many have noticed and made remarks to me
but I did not hear or did not want to hear.

One of his comments....

"if you want to stay in this home by the woods
you may have to lower your standards."

That is what I planned to do
sit with my camera, watch nature, be lazy
and let the dishes sit in the sink.

As time has gone by
I wonder
what happened ?


Tabor said...

Your son is wise. It is all a trade-off as we age. We must stop doing certain things and either pay others to do it or live with it not being done or change our lifestyle entirely. We all must face these challenges and I do wish you smooth transitions! Hope your eye is getting better. Be patient.

Beverly said...

I just sent you an email. I now know what has been going on. I know it is hard for an independent woman like you to slow down, but, you must! Yes, lower your expectations.....get others to do and you just tell them what to do....I know it will be hard, but, you will feel better and will be amazed at the fun you will have with the camera....

Judy said...

Just can't do it, can we? We are use to being independent--we are use to doing it all. Others don't do it as well as we can (could)--unless you stand right there and direct them on every move. I have a guy that mows my small lawn-he does a good job--the operative word here is "good". He doesn't quite trim as sharply as I would. He doesn't quite mow as close as I would. Gr-rr. We just gotta keep doing what we can Ernestine--it may take us two days, what used to take us one, but we will get it done!! We will ache and hurt and then we will sit on the porch, look out at our accomplishment and smile!!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Oh Ernestine ~ What a great post! It is hard to let go of things we've always taken care of. You inspire me and I hope to do as much as I can while I can.

Relax and have a wonderful summer there in the woods, taking lovely photos.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Balisha said...

Where do I begin? I am so much like you. I hate to ask for help. This is the first year that I've left the woods totally alone. After all the work I did on it the past few years...I hate to see the under growth take over.Just taking care of the gardens close to the house is hard for me.The woods has been given back to nature.

I had a friend, Ruth, who was in her 70's and she would tell me about her life taking care of her gardens...I think that I have enough material to write a post about this...please look for it.

Until then...heed your son's words.He sounds very wise and caring.
Hope your day is restful.

lil red hen said...

Yesterday, while raking hay, I thought, "My mind is willing, but my body doesn't really feel able," and as tired as I am this morning, I think my body was right!

Take care!!

Marcie said...

Transitions are tough, no matter who we are. I think you will like "being lazy" and "watching nature" even with dishes in the sink, once you get used to it. But, I understand how hard it is. Sending hugs.

Sky said...

gotta let go of obsessive compulsive tendencies and learn to relax - that is the answer for all of us who are accustomed to having things done perfectly but who are getting older and cannot keep up with our own impossible expectations. unlike you, i enjoy being lazy! but i do miss being able to do things i once did with ease.

Anonymous said...

Ernestine, How difficult it is to recognize and come to terms with limitations. You are an inspiration, and will be no matter what you do.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor, Beverly, Judy, Lorraine, Balisha, Aisling, Charlotte, Sky,
Special friends thank you.
Ellen, your dozen comments
on many post
bless me

mermaid said...

I simply hear a woman that needs to be surrounded by beauty. Whatever work you want done may or may not need to be done. Bottom line is meeting the Inner Critic with the Inner Voice of Kindness.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Kaveri, love you...

Balisha said...

Ernestine...I worry about you, when you take some time off from blogging. Hope you didn't overdo with all that's going on at your cottage. Please take care.
Hugs, Balisha