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Sunday, January 13, 2013


All day rain and
at times blowing so heavy on the windows
that it is difficult to view the outdoors.

A good day to read the growing stack of books
but she does not feel like reading.
For a short time she curls up in the old leather chair
with a blank mind.  So nice to have this active mind
empty.....  She has learned in these late years that the mind
is difficult to control and wonders why she was not aware of this
many years ago.  Now she replaces thoughts that disturb
her peace - as quickly as possible -  with a pleasant one.
 Most of the time something her
two youngest granddaughter's have said to her :)
Their comments always make her smile....

A few chores finished but a long list that needs to be tackled.
Will do them another day.

On rainy days ironing is pleasurable.
Probably a lost art for most but there are Christmas tablecloths
and half a dozen pillow cases that need to be ironed.
She still enjoys starched and ironed pillow cases
and has memories of all the ironing done for a big family.
In a way it seems like yesterday and then in an instant
 so long ago.

The storage room is a perfect place for ironing and the ironing board
stays up all the time. 
Dropping temperatures throughout the day and this area is still nice
and warm.  Tomorrow it will be cold as no heat and air were put in this area.
May still do this even though
this enjoyable room  stays comfortable most of the time.
 Tablecloths are handy and stay wrinkle free on quilt racks

Linens not like in the past and most sheets and pillow cases she has are very old
and almost feel like silk.  Purchases over the last years
have been disappointing as the quality is not like those in
the past.   It seemed that in a short time an imperfection would surface
then it was too late for them to be returned.
Making a call I would be told it had been 2 years since they were purchased
and I commented but I have sheets that are over 20 years old and still perfect.

She wonders why she still cannot download her images on blogger and has to go
to FireFox to do this?


Tabor said...

I have to got to the browser Internet Explorer to make comments on others posts when I use my laptop. When I am working from my PC I can post from any browser. who knows why these are so problematic! Blogger is getting more and more spam as well. Your window photo reminds me of Monet. I like ironing as well, but do not do much these days.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your day sounds productive and cozy indoors while the weather is wet and blowing outdoors.

Try Windows Live Writer for writing your blog posts.

I have FireFox as my browser.

I love that photo out your window. You really do live in the woods.

Have a lovely week ~ FlowerLady

the wild magnolia said...

I thought of my Mom reading about the ironing. She loved to iron. She had a coca cola bottle with a sprinkle head. Sometimes she wrapped cloths in a very damp tablecloth leaving them in the fridge over night.

Enjoy the rain. I usually sleep good when it rains.

lil red hen said...

We had rain yesterday and I guess it moved on east to your part of the world. Tonight will be very cold.

I still iron the farmer's shirts, even the flannel ones. There's a certain satisfaction in seeing the wrinkles disappear isn't there?

Sky said...

oh my, how i used to love to iron! i loved looking at the shirts after they were ironed, stiff collars and cuffs, perfectly crisp and wrinkle-free. i don't iron much anymore - just a few silk shirts for hubby which he irons as often as i do.

i have some sheets that are very old, too, and are in fine condition. the only issue with the older linens is the pockets are not as deep. i have found that quality egyptian cotton and pima cotton are the best when buying linens.

do you throw a sheet over the tablecloths you hang on your quilting racks to keep dust off in storage? wish i had an extra room for such things. lucky you!

COLD, COLD, COLD here. 19 last night with a high yesterday of 35. looks like a week of lows in the 20s and highs in the 30s. SUNNY skies so i am not complaining. i am wrapped in my wonderful blanket though, even with the thermostat set higher. cathedral ceilings and lots of glass and skylights keep it cool in here.

stay warm and dry. :)

Judy said...

I remember standing at the ironing board for hours--back in the day, before permanent press--those little baby dresses with the puff sleeves--oh my. I had to install Google Chrome in order to post photos to my blog--botheration, but it did seem to speed up other things on my computer too, so.......

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor, Lorraine, Sandy, Charlotte, Judy and Sky, thanks for visiting
Sky, yes cover with an old sheet :)