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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sad Garden

I am heartsick over my little garden
started out perfect
looked like a picture with the lush plants
Between the weeks of rain and
borers, 100 degree afternoons
 nothing looks good.
Squash plants look sick
Picked 25 green tomatoes with a bite out of each one
compost you are lucky
Picked 25 green tomatoes before something bit
them and will see if the ripen
Nothing bothers the green beans or the one
package of watermelon seeds planted for my little girls.
Nine have been counted
I had to smile as the helped me pick green beans
a first for them
then they helped me snap them
I kept hearing "grandma you have a wonderful garden" :)
They are taking home a 10 inch zucchini to mom.
I still have the dreaded beetles
drop them in a jar of soapy water
some plants they do not bother
but they sure like my roses...
At least 4 cartons of zucchini in freezer
for bread...


Balisha said...

I think it is heartbreaking to see your garden...your beloved veggie patch in a shambles... caused by an army of pests and bad weather. You no doubt find it immensely frustrating and somewhat discouraging. I guess that this year you'll just have to see your garden through your grand daughter's eyes and enjoy the veggies that you do have...You have a wonderful garden, Grandma.

lilalia said...

Oh no! How could that be? Your poor plants... zuchinni just doesn't compensate for all the ones that didn't flourish. Hope there are a few late summer fruits and vegetables that will fair better.

Judy said...

Everyone seems to be having problems with veggie gardens this year. Too much rain--then too much heat and not enough rain. Depressing.

the wild magnolia said...

I feel your frustration, you have worked so hard. Balisha had a great idea, you now must see your garden, through the eyes of your granddaughters.

Thank you, for sharing.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Balisha, lilalia, Judy and Sandra,
Just reread my post
did not mean for it to sound so
my little ones thought it was great
of course it looks better then their mom and dads :)
thank you for encouragment...

MsGraysea said...

It is heartbreaking after all the work and the initial promise. Hopefully, the rewards you have will be delicious and last you a bit into the winter when a taste of summer is so welcome. The photos are great.

Sky said...

i love squash, esp the yellow cooked with onions. yummmmmmmm.

our veggie garden luck here in the PNW was so bad the last few years that we didn't even plant one this year at all - not the first cucumber or tomato plant, no eggplant, no squash, NOTHING. this is a first for me in my adult life. so hard being from the south and knowing what it's like to eat a tomato straight from the garden, having so many you have to give them away and now having such a short growing season that we are lucky to get 5 red ones all season long! but i would not trade the comfort of our summers to be back in the southern heat and humidity again. a trade off like most of life. we get our produce at the local farmer's markets. it comes in from WA farmers east of us in the sunny, hot part of WA.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Sky, we have the same love for squash. At least 5 times I have enjoyed. Your area sounds delightful but guess I cannot leave the woods.
Marcia, thanks for visiting....

mermaid said...

Ah, the nature of life and impermanence. Still hard to accept, though. Your granddaughters have a way of finding life even in death.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

We named the zucchini Burt and put sunglasses on him! (ha ha) Just like Veggie Tales. ;)