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Monday, April 13, 2009

Losing First Tooth and Broken Camera

Easter was an enjoyable day but much different from times in the past. In the past there would be many members of my family that did not join our meal this Easter. Some out of town on trips and some living in other states and some are no longer with us.

The meal was lighter also and not like times in the past. In the past I would cook and bake for several days. Was not required this Easter. There was plenty to eat way too many desserts and mom just put 16 sections of chocolate fudge cake in the freezer. The frig still holds 1/2 of a lemon ice box pie and one loaf of banana bread. Good thing One Woman does not have a weight problem.

I did take a plate to my contractor this morning.

The smile of the day when my granddaughter bravely lost her first tooth. Dad helped it along with a string tied around it. A lot of questions were asked about the "Tooth Fairy".

The sad note - I dropped my camera and it is really broken. I cried and all wondered why. My little granddaughter's came to me and said "grandma it will be all right". Grandma had to smile then. I might add that the tears were not just for the broken camera - but it has been a challenge to learn this skill and the thought of a new camera that I was not familar with upset me.

Photography has become a new passion and an unexpected late life interest. I receive so much enjoyment from taking pictures and downloading them.

A good day today with a trip to the country. The drywall process is going on. Hardy Board possibly later in the week. Oh - I replaced my camera today!!!!!
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Beverly said...

Sorry you did not get to see all your family. Those little girls did alot to help, I bet.
What camera did you get? I am wanting a new one.

Sarah Lulu said...

Such a lovely story ....of the changes that happen in life, often marked by the celebrations we make.

And I hope the Tooth Fairy did come.

Your new camera ...if you are open to the change will provide you even more enjoyment than the last.

Looking forward to more of your lovely photos.

Judy said...

I am glad you got a new camera but sad you broke the old one. I would like to be a little mouse and raid your freezer! I have a real sweet tooth and could really pig out on those yummy desserts. She is so cute with the missing tooth.

Sky said...

i love the photo in your header. perfect statement for your new life and so seductive.

glad you got your new camera and looking forward to new pics of it all!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Beverly, Sarah Lu, Judy and Sky, thank you this early morning.
I quickly bought another camera like my old one. A Kodax. I have been pleased and was happy I could use my same memory card and the cord that plugs into camera and computer. I can exchange within 30 days. I want to upgrade but did not have time yesterday to investigate. Sooo do not know if I will keep this little camera.
But it sure has not disappointed me.