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Monday, January 26, 2009

Woods House - Progress #1

I was not going to make an entry today. Thought I would wait until more had progressed on my new creative project. But it seems a lot is happening and want to document it all. I am really going out on a limb with this sharing and making it public. So some who check in will see my success and hopefully not failure or problems.
Friday the dozier followed my over a hundred year 1000 foot path to make it more a drive. Gravel came in and will make it less muddy when driving to home site.
Saturday the water line was put in. Just talked to contractor to see if footing was being dug like it was scheduled. It has been finished and concrete footing will be poured this afternoon.
Then block work will begin. I have picked a block that looks like stonework instead of a brick foundation like I have had in the past. Called contractor again to make screen porch a couple of feet longer. I am an outdoor person. Weather permitting I eat most meals outside. Either on porch or terrace. A challenge with creation being smaller then anything I have lived in for 48 years. Just want a smaller place but I do have some special items I want to have a place for.
With block work finished I am estimating that the framing will begin next week - weather permitting. When the framing starts I will have to be on the job site for several days. A friend has offered me a room for the night if I do not want to return to the city in the late day heavy traffic. Have not decided if I will do this.
The last several homes that I have planned I did not use an architect for plans. I just drew a sketch and worked with a contractor on floor plan and what material to use.
I feel comfortable going this route because I have been involved with a number of homes.
Also this home is so small and modest that I did not need a set of plans that cost thousands of dollars.
In several weeks I will have a helper (I did this in the past but cannot do it now because of ankle I fractured 7 years ago and never had set because I thought I had sprained my ankle and it would heal) help me dig up pieces of a number of my plants. This has been done many times before. Will take them to the country site and make a small nursery. When I begin my small courtyard and garden area I can plant them. I need to do this before home is listed for sale.
My daughter from Massachusetts who just relocated to Tampa sent some beautiful hollyhock seeds that were planted last Spring. I surely hope they have not rooted so deep that I cannot get them out of the ground.
So I am so excited and flying high. Now the big one has to take place - this home will be put on the market the first of March.

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Tabor said...

When you begin a project you are like Obama...full speed ahead. So much is happening in such a short time. When is your planned finish date?

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor, that is how this home went.
They started at this same time 2 years ago and home was finished end of May. There was not a day that a full crew was not on this site. This new dwelling is smaller and does not have finishing touches like this one. So weather permitting I am predicting April or May.
What a compliment comparing me to Obama. I do not think I can live up to that but thanks anyway.

Zabetha said...

This is great, I look forward to following your progress.

Last summer I built a kayak and posted in my blog about it. Some of the entries were probably kind of boring but I wanted a record, for myself, so I was pretty religious about posting updates.

I hope you will be too :-)))

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Good luck with the new house and the house sale.
I moved 23 times, so I have no desire to move, but I will enjoy following you in your adventure.
I agree with a bigger porch, as we eat outside every chance we get! Will it be a screened porch?

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Anne and Peg thank you for your comments. Peg, yes a screen porch on the side of house and a deck on the back since the ground slopes.
I do not like the city. Just want to go home and pray I have not waited to long.

Meredith said...

I am confident your home will sell quickly! Having lived in that neighborhood, I see that your house has all the charm and location without any of the old-house problems or space limitations.

What buyer wouldn't love a garden all ready for spring?

kenju said...

I think you must have way more energy than I do! I am excited for you and I look forward to seeing photos of your new home.

lilalia said...

All the best on the building site. It is exciting to read about your project. Please do continue. March is not far away, and I'm sure there is much to do.

Judy said...

I agree that once you start something, you go full speed ahead. It sure is moving right along. I am so happy for you and can't wait to see it.

MsGraysea said...

What amazing progress, Ernestine! Everything is happening so fast. Will your house have heat/AC?.
Here it takes so long for permitting, etc and you must have architectural plans. So arduous.
I think you are simply amazing and inspiring. It is just wonderful that you can preserve some of your garden to enjoy at the new haven.
Hope it is warmer there. So cold here.
Keep writing. We are loving the journey!

Sky said...

good for you - off and running!

Darlene said...

I tried to comment yesterday but my computer crashed again. I have been having trouble for several weeks and that is why my comments are sparse.

While I was suffering a computer down time you made your decision to go ahead with your new home and are progressing nicely. Good for you.