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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

All is Well

Thank you to many who checked on me with comments and emails.

All is well
Have been dealing with continual Arthritis pain, severe balance issue and trying new ways, learning and adapting.

Love Italy, never the opportunity to visit but read much that I find enjoyment reading about
that land
just finished reading, something different then my normal reading
When I bought this sale flower for deck did not realize it bloomed, so pretty
Disappointed but understand the visit I was expecting this week from daughter in Tampa will not happen, still taking care of damage from storm and expecting granddaughter really not energy in
her arriving 6 months with teaching and tutoring,  It will happen at a better time.

Weather is beautiful and read a beautiful colored Fall is expected.

Cortisone shot in knee, dislike them and they frown when I say "I think they are injecting poison into
my system:) Told that with pain I now experience that knee surgery not a good idea and 82 not a good

Did not like when my helpful therapist and injecting doctor asked me "what are your plans"
took me a moment to answer "no plans just carry on with exercise, good diet, meditate, prayer.
doing all I can with thankfulness.

Very fortunate a good mind, maybe too good still thinking she can do like 5 years ago and in mind
feel 10 or more years younger.   Maybe not a good mind I have :)

Enough shared, need to get on the mat, needed to write so all who think of me would know
life goes on in this cottage....


Rebecca said...

Relieved to know that "life goes on....."
Thinking that the question about your "plans" implied a suggestion (?)
Admiring your spunk/determination.
Wondering about that book (going to look it up to see if it's one I might enjoy reading).

Lenora, Scottsdale said...

Welcome back, you were missed!

Tabor said...

Glad you still work toward goals and accept compromise. That is what life is, I guess. you will get to see your daughter soon, I hope. I cannot imagine how difficult this summer and fall are for everyone down south.

Judy said...

I was wondering where you were.
Somedays we just aren't in the mood to post, or to post how we really are feeling.
Rather than think of it as being a complaining or depressing post, think of it as letting the youngers know what to expect. Maybe they will cope better? Doubt it! HAH

Pienosole said...

Thanks for letting us know how you are, etc. I echo the comments above. Sending compassionate hugs. :-)

Marcie said...

Glad to read your update. So sorry that your special visitor will not arrive just now, but you are right, will happen at a better time. Sending love and good energy, dear Ernestine.

lil red hen said...

Thinking of you...

PatK said...

Thanks for the update. Your determination to get back on the mat inspires me.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Rebecca, Tabor, Lenora, Judy, Pienosole, Marcie, Charlote, PatK, (never will give the mat up, I could sleep on the floor :)
thanks for checking in
you make me smile.