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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Busy Day's

So much has been done in the last two weeks.   My long to do list is now down to about 3 items.

Wonder how I could have been so far behind with such a long list
but the last two years have not been normal.

Nice to have Jimmy with me for dental appointments, cortisone shots, business matters, hair appt,
books now so neatly organized, storage room cleaned and many items taken to Good Will
and thrown away.   Now down to Callie for Rabbi shot next week, car serviced and still going
over a lot of paper work in this cottage.

Morning yoga has started again for this one and have been given several new poses.  The one that I really notice
a difference is while standing, shoulders and face relaxed, upper legs tight, using strap behind upper
waist - your posture is perfect (probably not describing too well :) do this 2 or 3 times a day.

Thought I have an excellent diet but much has been pointed out to me - will share later and now
doing better.   I told him that I am not looking for longevity for one now traveling the beginning of the 80's
but would like the best quality of life I can have on this journey.

Trips to city every week to some special places I have wanted to visit and lunch in some of the
new places opening in Nashville.    Nashville not the same city I moved from 9 years ago, so much
building and I hardly recognize the city I knew so well in years past.

Tomorrow family will arrive for a cookout for his birthday.   Looking forward to seeing most
of family.

Still struggle with balance, being careful, health issues could be worse but still do not like
arthur and balance. Repeatedly being told I do everything to fast - a life time practice and trying to
be slower... it is difficult.   Purchased a Leki walking stick I really like better then their cane.  Did a lot
of research and this is better for posture and also helps with pain for the way you grip the top of the cane

Upstairs loft has been converted to his daily yoga practice of 2 hours
and my orchids have been blooming since December and show no sign of stopping :)

These special times will be missed when he leaves for his second home
all of these hours such a special gift to me.

He always meets with special boyhood, school friends on these visits and sad that two of these
friends have parents with serious issues....


Marcie said...

So glad for the update. It seems that your time with your son has been so meaningful and encouraging for you. I think it is wonderful that we can learn new things and begin again at any age. You continue to be an inspiration, dear Ernestine.

Rebecca said...

You make me think of this lovely, graceful 98 year old! I recently checked out a few of the YouTube links as well. Yoga has obviously kept her lithe and active!

Tabor said...

You sound like you are adapting to this new stage in your life. Two hours of Yoga makes him very dedicated. I hope he has balance elsewhere. My one orchid that I got on Valentine's Day has just a few blooms left.

Wisewebwoman said...

Thanks for the update. Sounds like you are well taken care of by your boy.

Lovely photos.


Pienosole said...

My heart is warmed by this post. Have a wonderful day of celebration with your family! :-)